About Hospitality

Hospitality as an industry might seem easy to understand but is one of the most complex industries that exist in today’s time.

Hospitality is an industry where tourism, economics, sociology, anthropology, geography, ecology, and national priority issues come together — and changes in any or all these industries does have a direct impact on hospitality.

In the globalised 21st century, hospitality is one of the most vulnerable but among the most important industries in any country. The world is no more a planet of spaced out lands of unknown.

Tourists now are now well-researched and well-versed with their destinations, hotels and the customs of the place they are visiting — all thanks to the internet. The over exposure has led to tourists who are expecting a warm welcome from their hotels — after all they have chosen the establishment based on expansive research and a lot of thought. Similarly, they expect their entire tour to unfold seamlessly. They are already aware of the places they can eat at, places they can visit, places they should be wary of, and places they cannot miss at all. Hospitality industry is, thus, dealing with confident tourists who refuse to be taken for a ride by locals.

The Role of Mobile Applications

Mobile applications have eased the business communication issues of most companies. Hospitality has gained a lot form the integration of mobile applications into the industry.

Most hospitality establishments around the world now have active mobile applications which allow their guests a number of value-added services. In most hospitality mobile applications, guests can survey the rooms the establishment is offering, book their stay online, request any special arrangements they would like to find upon reaching the hotel. These mobile applications also allow guests to get accustomed to the menu that the hotel offers, book their meals in advance, and book other facilities such as spa treatments well in advance. As a consequence, mobile applications have helped the hospitality industry to work faster and more efficiently. On most occasions, guest make their appointments directly through these mobile applications. The hotel is then just expected to guide the guests to their specific appointments.

The Role of AI

The introduction of artificial intelligence in hospitality industry is expected to change the landscape completely. An intelligent hotel will be an establishment that would have a skeletal human workforce. Thus, ensuring a more non-intrusive service to its client base. The ideas that are being tested in the hospitality industry include like those of concierge robots, digital assistance, voice-activated services, and machine controlled housekeeping services.

Artificial intelligence is also used to develop chatbots for hotel websites that can enhance customer service by reducing chances of human error. Intelligent hotels can also introduce smart devices that are preloaded and pre-programmed to assist the guest during their stay at the premises — these devices can help them remember appointments, GPS-assisted maps to sightseeing spots, allow them to chat with the room service and order their food online, order for housekeeping online, and even connect them to the sites of entertainment institutes around the hotel.

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