It is not an easy task to choose the right programming language for your startups from the flood of programming languages for software and app development.

Startups preparing a phase of product development need to weigh several variables when selecting the right programming language. While operating on a tight budget, startups need to consider carefully: the pace of development, language popularity, developer’s costs, libraries, compatibility, security, scalability, and stability.

In addition, it is not enough to choose the one just because your mate finds the language to be more common or suggested by developers. The choice of a programming language should be wise, reason-based and driven by the business goals that your company aims to achieve, particularly for a startup.

That is why your best bet is to go for robust and well-established software like Python. Python has been on the market for almost 30 years and is still considered one of the top languages available for programming.

Today, however, we are going to discuss the relevance and viability of Python application development from the market front, i.e. from the start-up point of view, and find out why Python is your start-up’s top programming language in 2020.

What Programming Language is the Best for Startups?

Therefore, a start-up-friendly programming language needs to help the company from what has been said above and lets check out the what factors are popular for a start-up business.

  • High scalability and MVP development to attract investment as quickly as possible
  • New functionality and fast but efficient revisions are easy to implement
  • Quick iterations in the process of development
  • The business and development team working on the project can be scaled easily
  • Easily, integrate with other applications and technologies
  • Support the product easily and effectively after it has been released
  • Time and cost-controlled process of development

Python is often considered to be one of the best solution for start-ups to fulfill the above requirements.

The choice of language, of course, depends on owner, type of product and business goals. This means that in some cases another language will be more successful given the simplicity of Python. It’s not about any kinds of products being unsuitable for Python. It’s just that sometimes with another language you can do the same things that you can do more easily just like with Python. However, in 90% of instances, Python remains the most valid programming language for new businesses, and this claim is proven by our rich experience in product development.

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Some of the Best Features of Python

Python brought many features to the table as a best programming language. Some of the most significant features of Python are:

  • Support TDD

Python’s test-driven development is very popular. As simple as it is for developers to create prototypes with it, they can later transform them to fully functional applications by simply refactoring the code and can immediately test it.

  • Open Source and Free

Python is an open-source programming language that allows anyone to build and contribute to their development. Python has an online forum that brings together thousands of coders every day to further develop this language. Python is free to download and use in any operating system, whether it is Windows, Mac or Linux.

  • Ideal for ML and Big Data

Machine Learning and Big Data are two of the emerging technologies that have acquired global eyeballs from many facilities. Both come blessed with tons of locked potential, something we are slowly tapping into it. You can also develop apps that are integrated with these technologies, including a wide range of AI technologies, among other types of applications written in Python, as it has many robust libraries to support development.

  • Support for GUI

One of the key aspects of any programming language is the GUI or Graphical User Interface because it has the ability to add flair to code and make the results more interactive. Python supports a wide range of GUIs that can be quickly imported to the interpreter, making this one of the developer’s favorite programming language.

  • Highly Portable

Suppose you’re running Python on Windows and you need to change to either Mac or Linux, so you can easily do the same in Python without thinking about modifying the code. In other programming languages, this is not possible, making Python one of the industry’s most portable languages.

  • Highly Dynamic

As mentioned in a previous paragraph, Python is one of today’s industry’s most dynamic languages. What this means is that a variable type is determined at runtime and not in advance. We do not need to specify the type of variable during coding due to the presence of this feature, thus saving time and increasing efficiency.

  • Object-Oriented Approach

Python’s object-oriented style is one of the key aspects. It means that Python understands the principle of encapsulation of class and object, thereby enabling long-term efficiency of programs.

Top 10 Reasons to Use Python for Your Startup

Used for over 30 years, Python is attracting more and more admirers throughout the world in developer communities. Forecasts say a massive amount of traffic is on track by 2020.

And that’s why so many people see Python as the ideal language for business programming.

  • Python is Easy to Learn

Compared to other language python is intuitive and quite easy to learn hence, Python has been praised all over the world. It is the most common programming language for first-time students, according to the poll of the Lifehacker.

Python is a very developer-friendly language that means that in a couple of hours or days anyone and everyone can learn to code it. Python is one of the easiest to learn compared to other object-oriented programming languages such as Java, C, C++, and C#.

  • Python is Great for Building MVPs and Prototypes

Rapid development is one of Python’s officially adopted fundamental principles. And indeed, it is considered to be one of the most efficient languages, thanks largely to code-efficiency and the possibility of reuse of code. Python is a good choice to create quick but functional prototypes to attract investors or test ideas among the consumer market, as it is simple and time-efficient. This is one of the main benefits of start-ups.

Now, due to its expeditious nature, one of Python’s best uses is MVP development. Python facilitates robust and rapid development by allowing developers to make fast iterations after the feedback has been received. Python’s pre-built modules and packages make it capable of accelerating the process of completing the material.

In fact, it has been observed that’ Python can provide a fully functioning MVP in comparison to languages like Java with Python; it is time-efficient, something that every startup requires.

  • It’s Time-Tested Yet Innovative

Python’s history began in the 1980’s. This means that it is time-tested, but not obsolete. Python, on the other hand, is renowned for its open-sourced software that continually replenishes with new libraries and solutions as one of the most creative and versatile programming languages used to incorporate advanced ideas.

  • Python is Very Popular And Universal

Python has a huge number of admirers and our web development firm is no exception making it one of the direct consequences of high popularity in the world. This, means locating developers for a project is quite simple and removing them if necessary.

  • It Has Wonderful Community Support

One benefit that Python frequently passes past business owners ‘ notice is that it has one of the best technical documentation stacks ever, as well as a large and highly supportive culture. Community support is popular as the developer team faces challenges during the process of product development. This means whatever tasks you given to your developers; they will not be stuck for a long time in search of a proper decision instead they will be able to find one quite quickly taking support from community. Therefore, time is money again.

Fortunately, the Python community is among the best out there and it strives to heal all the issues that the language may have and from time to time improve its characteristics and functions.

  • It goes well with ML, AI and BD

Is your project set up to handle large amounts of data, which is very popular nowadays? Another good news item is that this Python programming has become a best bet for all forms of technology including machine learning (ML) big data and artificial intelligence (AI). This is because it has powerful packages for these types of tasks (such as NumPy and Panda), as well as wide data visualization possibilities through APIs.

  • Python is Open-Source

Literally, this means that the platform is continuously being building by thousands of the brightest minds in the world. On the other hand, it also means that Python can be implemented however; you please as open-source software, as well as modified to meet the needs of a particular project. One thing that adds versatility is the amazing amount of libraries (packages) that can be used as turnkey solutions by developers.

  • Highly scalable

As mentioned earlier, being ready for any kind of change, as well as for rapid growth, is crucial for a startup. Python is the highest scalability programming language. It all comes from simplicity: without time-consuming procedures, designers can easily overcome any challenges and scale up or down the design.

Scalability is an inevitable component that cannot be overlooked by any startup. As a business grows, its users are also growing. In such situations, having an application that has the potential for development as the business grows would become a priority for any business.

  • Doesn’t Require a Big Team

Python is not related to a large amount of written code, which is why it allows developers to work faster and, more significantly, to retain a smaller development team than many other programming languages. For a startup, this is good news, since “fewer men” means “less expenses.”

Therefore, for entrepreneurs, it is always good news wherever they can save a few bucks. Python provides developers succinct and rather simple software compared to other languages, removing the need for large teams to perform the same task while providing impeccable quality product.

  • Versatile

It is simply versatile to add another jewel to the crown of Python, with minimal effort required. This means that if you need a code that works phenomenally across platforms like Windows, mac-OS, or even Linux, then Python should be your choice as a language.

Therefore, if you need to incorporate technologies such as Machine Learning and Data Science, then you need nothing but Python as the top language of coding to help you achieve the device you envisaged even better.

  • High Security

Python, when it comes to security, is obviously safe than some other popular languages, such as PHP. Because of python frameworks like Django, it comes loaded with built-in security features that protect the application from many online security threats.

This system will mask the source code of the site from direct viewing by creating dynamically web pages and using templates that send data to web browsers.

Success Stories of Python with Giants

Look at the companies that choose or used python as their choice and now thrive in their specific niche. Python’s use cases are a perfect example of why Python is perfect for startups.

  • Uber
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Disqus
  • Spotify
  • Dropbox
  • Reddit

Isn’t a strong portfolio?  This is the major reason why so many of the apps around built with python and developers love to work with Python. As we mentioned earlier, since it was simple and cheap, Python used to be a language for rough drafts and start-up development. The simplest solutions, however, are generally the most effective.

In reality, in addition to startups, many well-established organizations like NASA, IBM, to name a few, are bending towards Python for their needs for software and app development.


There are many languages of programming out there and of course, they each have their own advantages. It would be quite unfair to say that it is worth paying attention to only one specific language, otherwise the others would simply not exist.

According to many app development companies it is no contest that Python can become the programming language of the future. Every value, functionality, and function mentioned above is a clear indication that Python is the best startup programming language.

So, should you launch your Python based startup? In many cases, Python would definitely be an excellent choice.

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