Challenges and problems are everywhere! But to overcome these challenges we need to find innovative solutions.

The market of wearable app development is growing quickly and wearable app developers and wearable app development companies constantly strive to experiment with new technologies. They are designing software for all possible apps. Wearable devices are one such gadget we are all using it nowadays. Although the wearable apps first emerged a few years ago, these days it is increasingly getting popular all over the world.

Mobile app development has long been around, and most companies today have understood its importance and are looking to develop an app for further expansion. As these mobile apps are being developed by android and iOS developers and further, they are entered wearable devices landscape. Some famous wearable devices like Apple Watch, Fitbit, Pebble and Google Glass have changed the consumer expectations completely and the developers were motivated to develop wearable gadgets.

Such groundbreaking technology has made various sectors more interested and inspired them to explore its importance and potential. Not only the developers, it has also increased the interest of wearable technology between several sectors and many of them are trying to explore their potential and relevance.  A number of companies have even begun investing in wearable technology to build innovative applications to enhance user experience, improve performance and make these devices consumer-friendly.

What are Wearable Technologies and Wearable Apps?

Let us explore what wearable technology is before we dive in to what wearable apps are.

Wearable technology is typically a category of technology devices used either as an accessory or as part of other content, such as clothes. Such devices can also connect to the web or via a smartphone to share data between the network and your c device for a number of functions.

Wearables Apps provide access to hardware devices such as sensors, speakers, etc. You gather data from your hardware and use them to provide the desired performance via the network to which you are connected. The output is usually supplied or displayed on the screen.

The devices that are running or compatible with those wearable apps rely on how the input is taken and the output appears. If your device accepts and shows the result itself, it can choose any platform, i.e. iOS, Android, Windows, or even a customized platform.

Nevertheless, for the above functions, if the user uses a mobile application, iOS App developers or Android App developers will be needed, depending on the operating system that the device is compatible with.

A big example for this is the, Fitbit Activity Tracker, which displays how many steps a person has taken in one day.

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Major Challenges Faced by Wearable App Development Company | Developers

Although these small devices offer some great features, developers are challenged to build wearable applications. We will discuss about some of these major challenges what wearable app developers are currently facing.

  • Building the Use Case

The major challenge that every developer face is 3W i.e. what, when and why. After addressing these three W’s, the concept and design process will be easy to begin. You need to understand why the App should be build and when the App should work before you start wearable application development. Indeed these are some tricky questions, which you must ask yourself initially.

  • User Interface

Similar to phones and tablets wearable devices have a smaller screen size. That also means a different user interface. To developers, this is a challenge. The developers will concentrate on easy and quick user interfaces, passive data collection, and voice commands according to the best wearable app development company. They should also avoid thorough navigation and flashy icons, because this kind of devices will have insufficient space.

  • Platform specificity

Another challenge during wearable development is to create a wearable app for wearable devices either for each platform or for all. Therefore, it restricts the target audience if you create an application for a single platform. On the contrary, the coding will be different if you consider creating a custom wearable device.

  • Speed

When competition increases, the creation of applications for all such devices has become important efficiently and rapidly. The faster the device is released on the market, the higher will be the response according the wearable app development experts.

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  • Battery Life

Most of the wearable devices in market have battery life because of its portable nature. Therefore, if you use a large battery, the wearable device will dry up sooner. It also increases the chances of an app being uninstalled as nobody wants to update their apps time after time.

  • Functionality

Ease of use and mobility are the two important qualities when it comes to wearable technology. The software designed for these gadgets must be built to take account of these two features. According to our experts at Fusion Informatics, wearable apps should be created keeping the user’s needs in mind.  Just creating a replica of other model does not make any sense and lead to failure.

  • Data Privacy

Another great problem you need to face when developing apps for wearable devices is related to the data breach because safeguarding of your device and data privacy of the owner is essential. The application should be maintained with regular security updates.

  • Updating of Apps

Every other day, experts make rapid, successful, and effective changes in this field. In such a situation, the app should continue to keep the latest technology and trends. Again, the developers have a challenge to stay on the market and to ensure long-term success.


These are also some of the growing challenges faced by each application developer in developing wearable apps. It is crucial that you smartly address and face these challenges when you create an app for your company or plan to develop for your client so you can quickly prepare an app development strategy to give your customers great experiences in this huge competitive world.

We at Fusion Informatics have an experienced wearable app development consulting team who are skilled in adopting latest technologies keeping themselves up to date and provide desired results as per the client goals.