It’s official now .The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is hosting Indian Premier League (IPL) in September, 2020. Since pandemic has crippled industries across the globe, the emergence of modern technologies like IoT has a massive scope of resurrecting the Sports industry.

Are you a sports lover? Are you a business owner? Are you very stressed due to the ongoing global pandemic? Hold On. Here is a GOOD NEWS for you. SPORTS are REVIVING! The countdown begins,   you are going to have some marvellous moments in the coming September. YES. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is hosting Indian Premier League (IPL) in the three premier cities – Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and Dubai. However, CAUTIONS and  TECHNOLOGY are going to play a vital role in the SPORTS INDUSTRY from now on, as there is no certainty how long this pandemic is going to last.

Digitalization of the Sports Industry – A New Normal

When you talk of ‘technology’, you mean ‘digital technology’in the present context. It is the digital technology that leads to digitalisation of an industry. Digitalisation of SPORTS INDUSTRY is its digital transformation wherein adoption of IoT (Internet of Thing) technologies is the inherent feature now- a- days. The question is, how does IoT help sports and that, too, in this pandemic? In order to understand this, you have to walk through the following paragraphs and get to the basic understanding of this technology itself.

Connecting Devices to Digital Platforms

IoT is a big network of devices connected together on internet, sharing data & information and   producing a desired result.  Connecting physical devices with a digital medium thereby enhancing the real time performances is what an IoT technology ideally does. There’s no need of human interventions rather sensor-controlled operations in the real time situations. IoT is all about the concept of SMART OBJECTS connecting to Internet and their embedded components viz., data processor, sensor system, data storage system and internet.

How it works

As you read it earlier, IoT provides interconnectivity of devices via internet. The game is simple. You order a cricket bat. It’s not an ordinary cricket bat but the SMART BAT consisting of the embedded components in the form of tiny sensors that capture specific parameters — bat’s swing speed, its impact, its angle and thrust as well as its distance. The data captured are processed and then stored in a cloud system that can be accessed by a web, desktop or mobile application. The outcome is magical- Umpiring goes the IoT way! Thanks to the technology that is able to create a SMART STADIUM, too!

Applications of IoT in the Sports Industry

Are you wondering how can IoT transform the face of entire Sports Industry? Hold on, here are the realities:

  • IoT helps in the fitness segment in sports. Sports injury has been a common phenomenon until now.IoT has come out with the SMART HELMETS, which act as a deterrent towards any kind of head injury. The embedded components inside helmets do the job.
  • IoT helps sensing mental fitness of a player. Brain sensing headband is an IOT product that helps user to get the level of mental fitness and take timely measures.
  • Similarly, there are various tracking devices like smart bracelets that help athletes practice without the presence of any personal coaches.
  • The concept of SMART STADIUM is one of the striking inventions of IoT based technology. As said before, the audience might be reluctant to come and watch matches directly in a stadium due to Corona scare.IoT based sensors help locate empty parking areas, restrooms, pantries, seating arrangement whether they are conforming to the new norm of SOCIAL DISTANCING.

Ever since this pandemic struck, sports industry has come to a standstill and people are compelled to stay home, maintain social distance and avoid public places. However, the news of IPL has come out as a fresh air in the current scenario. UAE comprises  People from across the globe and is a big hub of sports leagues and clubs in various domains viz., cricket, football, tennis, motor sports, polo, falconry, basketball, rugby and the list goes on. Technological intervention like INTERNET OF THINGS (IoT) is the deciding factor that’s going to change the way sports will be consumed by people now onward.

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