Top Reasons Why Web Development Experts Love WordPress

Why does everyone use WordPress? This is one of the most important issues runs in the minds of entrepreneurs. If you also ask; why you should use WordPress CMS for your website, you are at right place. The WordPress platform is known to have a myriad of benefits: it’s completely free  and holds a passionate community behind it, and developers are rapidly expanding its selection of themes, layouts and plug-ins to enable it welcome all the needs or the site purpose.

This WordPress CMS, launched in 2003, is probably the most popular CMS (Content Management System) in the world serving more than70 million websites of the open-source platform free and many things are there making this platform form a powerful. With a little more plug-ins and advanced tools, you can easily make websites looking impressive for their business, all with the help of plug-ins.

If you have a business and constantly looking good platform to build a website, there is no better choice than WordPress. Now you may be thinking like, “How to build a website? Cost to develop website?”

If you need a complete website with advanced features and impressive design, you can easily build without technical knowledge or programming or you can Hire Web Development Company too. You even need to spend much time and money as well. Fortunately, WordPress has proven to be an ideal platform for all website development types.

Here is a list of reasons that makes it popular among the WordPress developers.

  • Reliability and It’s Been around for Many Years

Majority of the people prefer WordPress for website development as this CMS tool is very much reliable and powerful. WordPress is an incredibly reliable web development tool that works with technologies such as PHP, JavaScript and SQL. WordPress CMS controls 60% of the market, which is relatively huge that its competitors Joomla and Drupal.

Great Support

Since the platform is used by many people around the world and there are many ways to ask for help. WordPress forums you can use to communicate with others using this platform. Apart from this, you can also get ongoing support directly from the WordPress Support Team. This platform offers live chat support to paid membership.

Open Source CMS

Open Source means only that the WordPress building code is free and is accessible by all users. An open CMS will not make your online vulnerable area. In fact, using WordPress, you have taken the first step in improving security for your website.

You can easily download and modify the WordPress code whenever necessary. It is essential to keep in mind, however, that any changes will be accepted by the WordPress team. You need to update to a new version if the changes approved.


SEO friendliness is one of the reasons of this platform for the development of a website. This platform has integrated advanced in SEO tools and plugins that helps you get better rankings and more visibility on the search engines. Written using own high standard codes can easily optimize the code for better search results. Each page of the site this Meta tag, Meta description, meta title unique keywords, allowing you to boost page ranking.

Great Flexibility

Most web developers to look at a website development tool that is flexible and easy to use. Nearly WordPress has everything that one can use to accomplish their unique needs. You can choose from about 20,000+ plugins to build simple websites and complex. Well, WordPress is not only on the development of a website or web management. This as a developer is free to use the help of the community on the platform.

High Security

Since WordPress is the blogging platform construction and the most popular website and you need to secure your media or content of spam attacks, hackers and malware. As widely used safe and secure CMS, WordPress core is the best tool to build a highly secure blogging site. WordPress also improves the security of your website with features such as password protection for the contents of the site folder.


This is another feature that makes the best most popular WordPress platform. It is easy for developers to build applications using the REST API. WordPress developers can create custom plug-ins that can be integrated with themes, mobile applications, and more. WordPress developers can build their own API using the REST API.

Optimized for Speed

With the increasing number of mobile users, optimization is very important to increase traffic and call rates of the site. WordPress offers its developers with specific features and items they can use to speed up their websites. In WP, light and well-optimized code helps you increase the overall performance of your website.

Customization is Easy

This WordPress theme refers to implementation quickly attractive design. All you need to do is purchase a single license for a premium theme – the best that come with detailed documentation and predefined layouts for tons of use cases.

Affordable Pricing

WordPress is free to use and allows you to build a website within hours. However, to unlock various advanced features you must upgrade to a paid plan. If you want to integrate with Google Analytics and custom plugins, then you should go with the business plan at minimum cost.


We all know that most of the world population does not speak English as they use their second language to read the contents of the site. Therefore, you will be able to create a website to reach your global audience. This CMS allows its developers to create a multilingual website that supports 170 different languages ​​worldwide. Now comes the question in your mind that how would it affect SEO and ranking? Do not worry; it will not affect the ranking of the website.

Plugins and Themes

Because plugins and themes unlimited, almost both small and large companies prefer to build on a WordPress website. WP offers a variety of free and paid plug-ins that the individual can use to add features to their website. Using plugins, you can easily incorporate exciting features to your Web sites such as cart, interactive forums, payment gateways, calendars of events and more.

Simple Hosting

WordPress can be easily implemented on virtually any host engines powering 60 percent of the entire web. Most hosting plans include single click installation for the CMS or come with it pre-installed. This means that customers have complete freedom when deciding where to host your WordPress site. You can easily find the cheapest or fastest hosting provider, and you can even set up a local installation on your computer for purposes of development and testing.


All the factors described above are the reasons why everyone loves WordPress for developing a website development. WordPress is certainly an excellent option for start-ups, small and medium enterprises to grow the business. It is easy to use, highly scalable and above all free. If you are a business owner or blogger and want to give an online presence for your business, then WordPress is the answer you were expecting.

We hope this article helped you better understand about WordPress. Here in this article we have discussed various key factors in WordPress that make it better in many ways a simple website to the development of enterprise-level Web site, and anything in between. Use this framework to build your first site.

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