Come May 2021. Place – Dubai World Trade Centre. Event– Arabian Travel Market (ATM)-2021.Theme‘A New Dawn for Travel and Tourism’.

So, if you are a tourism professional in the UAE and other parts of the Middle-East, you have a reason to celebrate!

ATM is conducting hybrid events – live in the DWTC as well as virtual webinars for unlocking the business potential in the region for inbound and outbound tourism professionals. ATM kind of event depends on the latest technologies. Unless there is a suitable technology model in place, virtual-events cannot take-off at all. The UAE’s tryst with Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be fathomed from the very fact – the first country in the world which have an exclusive ‘Ministry for Artificial-Intelligence’.  Living in the age of digitalization, innovation, automation, AI plays a very important role in the massive diversification of the UAE’s smart economy and is working wonders in the ‘ land of wonders’. Travel & Tourism holds a priority sector in the UAE. The industry is leveraging the maximum AI potential that contributes to enhancing productivity, efficiency, connectivity in the markets.AI is a data-driven technology that helps in improving customer and service experience in the travel & tourism sector.

Let Us Discuss the Top Five Use-Cases of Artificial Intelligence(AI) in the Travel & Tourism Sector in the UAE –

1. Facial Recognition

An AI-application, facial recognition is being adapted in the industry, on a larger scale, in the UAE. This AI-application has replaced the complex process of scrutinization of several travel documents of tourists at the varied checkpoints – Customs point, Immigration, and Airports. Today, tourists are getting a seamless experience because they don’t need to undergo this arduous process of scrutiny. They just need to show their faces at the check-ins, where, the facial recognition technology verifies their faces against those given in the documents respectively, and facilitate their hassle-free check-ins at airports, tourist destinations, and so on.

2. AI-Chatbots for Online Customer-Services

Customers or tourists want online services that are preferably available on their mobile phones. Being one of the top favorite tourist destinations in the world, the UAE Government keeps on rolling out with the latest technology strategies for enhanced services. In January this year, the UAE Cabinet took a major step towards strengthening the tourism portfolio by approving the formation of Emirates Tourism Council . The point is, the travel and tourism industry in the UAE is set to thrive multifold, and AI as a technology is the backbone here. AI-chatbots are exactly doing the job as a virtual assistant in the tourism offices. Tourists want information 24*7 about their itinerary planned, hotels, tourist spots, shopping places worth visiting, and a lot more. These chatbots are dedicated to their requirement and AI-NLP chatbots even provide suggestions and recommendations!

3. AI-Robots for Smart Hospitality

Meet Connie, the welcome-robot who can fascinate you with warm gestures and speech! If as a tourist, you happen to visit Hilton hotels, Connie robots will lead you to your hotel rooms, talk to you using AI-enabled speech recognition technology. Even they can memorize your data and can prove to be useful in the future. Obviously, a tourist’s experience depends a lot on relevant, timely information, etc. Thus, AI-robots are stationed in the UAE tourist spots like information centers where people can make inquiries at odd hours, too, and get adequately entertained. Customer-engagement, customer-experience is greatly enhanced by the AI-enabled robots in the UAE tourism sector.

4. Data-Processing and Predictive Analysis

If you are a tourist professional or businessman, you handle data unlimited. So, that is indeed difficult, and prone to human-errors. What would you do? Utilize the power of AI, as well as the enviable backing of your government, is it not your plus point that your UAE Government is always lending a helping hand (in the form of initiatives) where AI is concerned? The point is to leverage the AI-powered data processing and predictive analysis capabilities that not only process massive volumes of data in milliseconds accurately, but also give you predictions, and insights about tourist behavior, choices, experiences, likes, dislikes, etc. that help in the formulation of strategies and regulations in the travel and tourism sector. A significant use-case of Artificial-Intelligence(AI) in the sector.

5. AI-Language Translators

The AI use case as a language translator is helping the industry a great deal. Tourists just love visiting the UAE again and again. Something magical, an irresistible attraction that intimidates tourists to the extent they want to dive-in the experience. And obviously, language cannot behave as a barrier or deterrent here. Hence, AI-enabled language translators helping this sector huge and unabated. Tourists can talk to locals, guides, and businesses can use this technology in virtual meetings or in-person meetings where languages are different but become easy to comprehend thanks to the translation capability.


The UAE government’s latest cabinet approval for drafting a tourism strategy signals a lot of prospects in technology innovation and digital adoption in the entire sector. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the one technology that has attracted attention from varied industries and travel & tourism are one of them. Valuable data insights are something that the industry is capitalizing on the power of AI, to drive businesses, and generate revenues adding to the overall economy of the country.

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