According to MRP ( MENA Research Partners), the healthcare industry in the UAE  is set to grow about 60 percent in the coming five years.  Owing to the ever-increasing demand for digital medical services, preventative care, and medical tourism, the UAE’s healthcare market is expected to grow beyond USD 28 billion in 2021-22. Artificial Intelligence, telehealth, telemedicine, Robotics, and significant others are identified to be the technology trends that will transform the healthcare sector in the UAE in 2022.

Trend #1  AI  – Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is going to dominate the healthcare sector more than it is doing now. The evolving AI technology is adding profound impact in the medical diagnosis and the level of accuracy involved.AI capabilities are already enhancing the decision-making process in the healthcare realm and will evolve further in 2022 and after.AI engines (Artificial Intelligence) with massive digital capabilities are helping towards mitigating risks for medical situations in 3 critical ways:

  • To identify high-risk patients who are in urgent need of medical care & intervention, and then to alert respective medical personnel to devise a customized care plan.
  • To create an automated reminder for those patients to take medicines on time.
  • To establish a  personalized dosage recommendation, that matches the unique prescribed requirement of a patient.

Besides the above medical cases where AI is helping the healthcare industry, healthcare insurance is also leveraging its maximum potential in its lifecycle. Gathering, refining the emerging & alternative data sources to get the exact and accurate information of patients, detecting anti-claims fraud, and varied challenges unique to insurers are solved by AI-based digital tools and engines. Thus, AI is indeed a dominating technology now as well as in the years to come.

Trend #2 IoMT – Internet of Medical Things

The IoMT technology incorporates medical devices and healthcare applications and connects them to healthcare IT systems using online networks. Smart sensor technology is involved as well. These devices communicate with all the networks using WIFI and other networking systems. Doing this,  they collaborate, communicate appropriately on time, and share information while performing real-time analysis to provide adequate medical solutions. Right from virtual healthcare services to advanced machine control, IoMT applications are indeed transforming the way the medical world is operating today.

Trend #3 Telemedicine

AI-enabled telemedicine is a major source of transformative change in the healthcare sector in the UAE. Telemedicine is helping physicians, doctors to provide treatment on a remote basis. Virtual consultation, remote patient monitoring, store- and -forward telemedicine are all increasingly holding bases in the UAE’s healthcare landscape. The key benefits of telemedicine that are causing transformation in the UAE’s healthcare sector are:

  • Provide clinical support
  • Allowing  digital integration on varied platforms
  • Overcoming geographical barriers
  • Constant access to healthcare services & medical support
  • Enhancing health outcomes

Trend #4 Smart Robots

Smart robots have proved mettle in the recent Covid crisis in the country.   The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) has launched eight AI-powered smart robots with a specif mission – to sterilize government-run clinics, hospitals, and other healthcare centers. These smart robots are a major part of the UAE’s drive to adopt smart and efficient technology that is time-saving and functions without human intervention. The smart robots have been helping hospitals in the regular cleaning cycle which leads to preventing the spread of infections (like corona and others), bacteria, and varied harmful organic microorganisms in the ecosystem/environment by breaking down the DNA structure of those organisms. Thus, Robotics technology and smart robots are indeed highlighting tech trends in the UAE’s healthcare industry in 2022.

Tech Trends Highlighting Hopes

The UAE has seen a spurt in technology over the past few years. Especially during the pandemic, it’s the technology that has helped to combat the spread of the deadly virus and has taught how to be resilient during a crisis. The pace of technological change is moving forward and is expected to accelerate a lot further in 2022. Getting through the pandemic and learning how to adapt quickly, applying technological changes to varied agendas, strategies, healthcare businesses, companies, and individuals have realized the significance of technology in their respective zones. Hence, these top tech trends are set to transform the UAE’s healthcare sector in 2022.

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