Top 4 Tech Trends in the UAE Restaurant Industry

The UAE’s tryst with technology has a long history. Adoption of technology and its massive influence over the past two years amidst the Corona crisis has awakened the F&B industry towards survival strategies and thriving prospects lying before them. The restaurateurs/restaurant owners are increasingly integrating digital into the existing system, automating varied operations, and learning how to sync with the new-age technology trends in the restaurant industry. What are the top tech trends that they cannot afford to miss in today’s environment? Have a look:

 1. Cloud Kitchens

Restaurants are realizing the importance of digital technology as it saves cost and time, both. For opening a new restaurant, higher rental costs, operating costs pose a big challenge for restaurateurs. This acts as a major trigger towards their adoption of the Cloud Kitchen. The concept has captured the eyeballs of investors who are showing an elevated interest in opening restaurants over the Clouds. The technology allows an efficient and productive methodology of the entire business operations. Efficient and smooth delivery set-up and the minimized cost towards operations are a major attraction towards moving to the Cloud kitchen. In fact, in 2021, 66per cent of restaurant owners/operators have agreed to invest directly in the digitally-powered Cloud kitchens, as they’d not be required to start a fresh new outlet that can cost them fortunes.

2. Online Deliveries

As the global pandemic created havoc on a business, online delivery of meals, ordered food picked the momentum. The trend is going to stay in the future, too, as it offers comfort, convenience, cost, and time-saving for all the stakeholders. Before the pandemic struck, the UAE’s major share of the revenues was extracted from the dine-outs, in-person restaurant visits. The country is a favorite tourist destination so, multi cuisines, world-class ambiance, hospitality are integral features of the  F&B industry there. However, in the post-pandemic era, the picture has changed. Customers’ behavior, expectations have taken a complete shift towards social distancing, maintaining safety norms while enjoying the restaurant flavor simultaneously. They prefer online ordering of favorite cuisines. This allows restaurants (over the Cloud or physical set-up), to cater to online delivery seamlessly. Thus, if restaurant owners are willing to explore business in the sector, have to balance the demand-supply scale, integrate the current set-up with the right technology, and expand the customer base. As per major sources, 56 percent of restaurant owners believe that 40 percent of their revenue share will come from online selling only this year,2021.

3. Robust CRM

Building a strong and reliable customer relationship management is the need of the hour to sustain and keep the pace. This will allow the creation of a loyal customer base and the achievement of your business goals. The CRM created/developed has to match your business requirement, the choice, and the preferences of your customers. It facilitates a quality feedback channel, via your restaurant feedback app. The very app is duly integrated with the POS, and customer data automatically gets updated in the central CRM. This sort of automated process reduces huge labor costs, and there is no scope for manual error or mistake. If you already have a dedicated website, mobile-based ordering applications/apps, you can try to sync them with your restaurant POS system. This will allow you to remain abreast of all the current, relevant data and information of customers ordering food from your outlet/branch. You can see their background searches, research, online history, etc., and create personalized loyalty programs for them. This will help you to retain your customers and win more, too.

4. Digital Wallet & Cashless Payment

Restaurants, F&B space in the UAE are going cashless based on the current business landscape. Customers are also preferring this trend and want to pay via mobile wallets, digital payment systems. They don’t have to pick cash and move around rather their mobile phones do the paying job. Even there is a trend of facial recognition in several malls, restaurants require to install specific cameras in the outlet/space, that capture customers once they walk into the store in person. And the technology works like, the customers can pick their products and walk out of the store. The money incurred is deducted via their digital wallet synced with the payment system. This trend is picking in the UAE as restaurants are managing the business efficiently involving fewer labor costs.


The restaurant industry is bouncing back as people have started moving out of their houses. They are happy to visit you if your restaurant is digitally equipped with modern tools and technologies for their ultimate satisfaction. Cashless payment systems, digital wallet permission, etc, have to be integrated sufficiently to provide a seamless customer experience. Following the top technology trends will help you align your restaurant business operations in sync with the industry requirement.

Whether you are a new restaurant owner or a stakeholder of branded chain outlet, these tech trends are shaping the way consumers interact with a business. Looking to tap into these trends? Contact Us