The UAE is considered a global hub for technology innovations as well as for capacity building. Innovative ideas for the varied mobile applications are the outcomes of this very disposition where innovation is a way of life. Creative ideas are born that become trends for businesses across industries. As per the latest Global Innovation Index 2020, the UAE ranks first in the entire Arab region while 34th globally. The unpredictable COVID-19 caused disruptions in the market that have impacted industries the world over. The UAE is smart enough to create an opportunity out of every crisis. For businesses across the country, the disruptions have only fueled their innovative aspirations for fulfilling business goals. As per sources, over 92% of the total population of the UAE uses mobile internet while spending almost 4 hours per day on mobile. In the app world, mobile users’ fascination for apps is not an illusion but a big reality. So, if you are a business owner, start-up, or SMB, this is the right time to launch your own mobile app business. And if you are in Dubai, the whole UAE will follow because Dubai is the trendsetter!

Let’s discuss 10 trendy mobile application ideas for the year 2021, that you can consider to develop and launch for your businesses.

1. Telemedicine App

The UAE is adopting digital technologies like AR and IoT-based telemedicine and healthcare apps. The idea is to provide a virtual platform where patients and doctors are connected over mobile phones. The specialized healthcare app can give people the benefits of online consultation with consulting, purchasing medicines, etc. The app can help even hospitals in asset management like in pharmacy, inventory- control, environmental monitoring, and home-based elderly patients get timely treatment via alert mechanisms and other inherent digital capabilities of the app.

2. Tourist App

There are so many tourist apps existing as the UAE being the hot tourist destination throughout the year. However, giving a seamless and happy tourist experience is possible only through a unique and attractive mobile application for tourists. For example, iOS and Android compatible Time Out Dubai app and Dubai Mall app. Be it skiing or skydiving, tourists just love to explore adventures and recreational activities. They love to shop in Dubai and other locales of the country. A quality tourist mobile app is a perfect idea to develop and launch in the market. Twenty-million tourists are estimated to visit the UAE this year. Tourists need timely information and guidance for spots, locales, sight-seeing, or hotels. An appropriate tourist mobile app is the right solution. You can go for this idea and act upon it!

3. Digital Contactless Payment App

 Consumers are now very concerned for their health and safety protocols after the Corona crisis began in 2020. They want contactless payment services such as digital or e-wallets, online payment modes like credit card, or debit card e-payment service on their mobile phones. The data revealed that on a global scale,65% of consumers want a contactless payment system while in the UAE alone, a massive 77% of them want the same. They are preferring touchless commerce now. Surely, one of the most trending ideas for your mobile app in 2021.

4. E-Learning App

The UAE is especially keen on adopting varied digital platforms like app-based e-learning where the varied stakeholders are connected. becomes a top choice when it comes to education, and that, too, school students who are based in the transition period of their life. Automating classroom activities, an AI-powered app can boost the education industry in the country amidst the pandemic scare where being remote and virtual is the choice. No doubt, a big trending idea for your business.

 5. Home-Delivery Grocery App

During the COVID-19 outbreak and stringent lockdowns, people had to remain indoors. The challenges they have faced during these trying times are unforgettable. Not that the home-delivery concept was new, but the crisis has disrupted the lives of people and businesses, alike. The home-delivery specialized app for groceries is a necessity in the everyday lives of people. They just love an easy mode of shopping for daily products because it saves time and unnecessary movement. Especially, when adhering to COVID norms is mandatory to follow, purchasing grocery items from the comfort of home is everyone’s favorite choice today. The UAE is also fast-moving towards home delivery services to the extent that within a few years from now, people will completely rely on mobile applications only. Under this app, one can browse through varied sections and categories of essential items, placing orders, and ultimately make e- payment for the purchased items. Within an average waiting time-span, items are delivered to home. One significant thing to keep in mind is there should be several payment options to reach a wide section of customers. Undoubtedly, the home-delivery grocery app is a trendy mobile app idea for your business.

6. Rider & Driver Tracking App

Don’t’ you need a large number of drivers or riders for your delivery service business? These riders are your brand ambassador. Their conduct before consumers matters a lot for your business’s survival. The rider or driver tracking app is meant for tracking activities of those riders you depute for delivering groceries to customers’ homes. It acts as monitoring of your drivers and their delivery pattern and other activities involved. The app is an ideal way to ensure that that your delivery business is in safer hands. How does it work? A rider tracking app can help you as a business owner to track your driver’s activities, access their present location as well as get live feedback from consumers directly. If needed, this app can lead recording of audio and video, too.

7. AR-Based E-Commerce APP

The pandemic has triggered the wide usage of an AR-based e-commerce app. People in the UAE have been preferring online shopping and exploring various e-commerce sites and online shopping stores. However, there are many e-commerce stores already existing, and just creating another is not the solution. This means you have to develop an app that gives you an edge over competitors. Adopting the latest digital technologies like Augmented Reality(AR) facilitating try-on filters option. This facility provides your prospective buyers to virtually experience your products using their mobile phone screens in a real-time environment. In the UAE this app can become a greater revenue generator for your business. So, it stands as a trending 2021 mobile app idea that you can go ahead with.

8. Property App

A mobile app that caters to property searching, buying and selling, renting, etc. sort of services, the idea is as trending as the UAE being a favorite location for businesses around the world. This app acts as a  bridge between buyers and sellers. One can search properties based on locations, interiors & exteriors, prices, and sizes. Comparison charts are also available to give everyone a seamless experience! The app also provides details like contact numbers of the seller, buyer, their unique  ID authentication system to prevent any sort of fraudulent transactions, etc.

9. Car-Parking Space App

In Dubai only, approximately 1.85 Million registered vehicles do ply on the streets. You can imagine the numbers in the entire UAE roads. People need a safe and secure place to park their cars. An exclusive built mobile application is what is required here. With the help of this app, you can locate an available parking location nearest to you. Several goodies like  GPS, AI &, IoT sensor-based traffic analysis data, make your car-parking experience easy and smoother. So, you can see the massive opportunity that this app development can fetch you get your business goals. Indeed a trendy business mobile app idea in the UAE for the current year 2021.

10. Fitness & Workout App

People’s erratic eating habits like junk food and processed food at home and restaurants, both, lead to an unhealthy lifestyle. As a result, they get prone to health issues like sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol, cardiac problems that are directly related to our food habits. Thus, the scope of physical fitness widens and calls for urgent attention. The need for physical exercise is rapidly increasing on daily basis. So, this idea is exactly the need of the hour. A suitable fitness and workout app may be built which work like measuring the calories-intake and then suggesting valuable tips to burn those calories. It also incorporates several workouts through specialized videos, pictures and images, animations, and so on. It allows users as per their unique needs to try out customized workout plans. This way, fitness-driven people would not think twice before instating your app. You can cash in on a perfect fitness mobile app trend in 2021.

What Next

There’s a great opportunity awaiting you if you want to launch your mobile app business in the areas we discussed above. These are the trending mobile app ideas in 2021, that you can adopt for your business fetching a greater ROI and revenues. Consult a mobile app development company that can give you stepwise consultation to create and launch mobile applications suitable to your business type.

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