The Top 7 Metrics That Matter for Your App

Being Cutting edge solutions of business and remaining head to competitors. Most of the business is looking to extend for a huge range of audience and converting of the idea into the state of the high-quality app

Past 3 years Billions of peoples are downloading mobile apps on their devices and using for daily activities. Most of the entertainment apps are challenging other apps by using 40% of the Mobile usage. To ensure your success of Business mobile app, need to focus on a lot of different Metrics to be analyzed.

While Building an app, a business owner can realize the how much amount he spent to build his own app for marketing and to increase the productivity. But reaching more audience is the future goal of the app idea. Once the app was developed by mobile app development companies it is very important to update uniformly in to order to satisfy potential customers. and Most of the important significant thing is the Company should need to a judge, how the app is performing among users. We have collected and implemented in our before case studies of customers projects  and made research to calculate the success rate of our customer’s app .hope this 15 Metrics will guide you to determine the Achievement of business

The following are just some of the most important app metrics you need to pay attention to.

1.Active Users

This is probably the most valuable metric to identify in the field of app downloads, as it directs to show you whereby multiple users are actively using the app for a long time. Of course, the objective is to increase the number of users to be active as high as possible. These Active users perform the action by opening the app and do the task for business on buying products and services. Simply if someone has landed on your app on their mobile platform doesn’t make them active user and Active users are divided in to different category based on the usage of your app. so there are daily active users, weekly and so on .our main aim is to convert weekly users to  daily users and these users are most worthy.

2.Reviews on App Store

App store reviews hugely effect on your app downloading allowance. People do the reviews given based on the performance of your app that displays in the app’s app Entering.  By observing the Appetitive Report, Most of the users download your application after reading recent reviews from one or two of given users Accordingly, it is important to have definite reviews so that the peoples think positive regarding your app.

To develop this metric, you need to encourage users to submit a review and make an easy and speedy procedure. You can involve personally promoting this procedure to leave an accurate review. Now we can use review monitor tool like App bot to track them all the submitted reviews. Whenever your app reviews are dropped, you will get notified. Now it is the time to investigate the problem for review dropped on the application area based on the problem identified by concern user review.

3.App Store Rankings

App store ranking is a unique sign of metric, as raised search rankings instantly explain to a huge mass of downloads. Displaying up in the hunt results is a big opportunity if you want to connect to a large user support. Also, Apple’s search algorithm pays apps that produce a greater search ranking and gives your app extra apparent and highly visible in the App of the best way to develop this metric is optimizing in the app store and we can throw update the features of the app. Frequent update of app increases the ranking and takes positive reviews by the users .there are many tools available in the market which is used to help in rankings in app store i.e. App Annie, Sensor Tower, Apptopia etc.

4.Average Revenue per User

These metric benefits determine medium income produced by every user. This metric serves you in discovering out whether you are capable to reach your earnings objectives. Also, if you own a substantial number of short returning users and simply some big satisfying users, the standard can get out being quite fine. To determine the average wealth per user, you must have the total income produced by the number of users.

5. Network Issues

Network errors are failures created due to the inability of the service provider while striving to combine to a system. This usually points to app clashes which in change prevents the users from practicing the app. This is a simple difficulty and usually points to a displeasing user activity. In sequence to avoid this problem, you should concentrate on valid hiding so that the users are negative completely reliant on the network operation. Moreover, you can extend several reviews evaluating devices such as Xcode and Android tools to control the changing network fastening activities. Moreover, devices such as AIDA32 and some 3rd party networking tool builders such as NetStress aid in managing the activity of network connections.

6.App Speed

This metric scales and estimates the how secure and speed your app contents and functions. That is usually a delivered platform of users to except and to know the app how speed and easy navigate. It means to meet the requirements and to satisfy users and it is important to test the speed of app and avoid the failures and errors to be fixed.

Additionally, assure that the app visits speed beyond different driving method versions. There are Many tools that assist your app to analyze the performance and as quick as possible to load. Tools such as Rollbar, Flurry Analytics, etc. These tools guide and help you to discover the errors pointing out the app speed .so we can easily identify the problem to offer user-friendly experience to users.

 7. Lifetime Value

Lifetime value applies to the complete number of credits you are ready to produce from a user before he leaves or quit from the app. For that, you require determining your value per action done after landing on your app and deduct that from the complete quantity made to identify your earnings. It is important to recognize that it can become a small while before you begin accepting a profit.

The valid way to increase the lifetime advantage of your user is by understanding and implementing to solve the issues they find and to meet their requirements. You should work to collect proper feedback as fine as applying the regular app updates to present the users attach to your app.

Final Conclusion note:

Promoting your app was absolutely not simple. So, quit using it for invested once the app was launched it on App store. You want to contribute participation and work hard in constantly updating your app to allow a healthy and positive consumer action.

The Metrics mentioned above are actively used and implement in the success and growth of business app and make an eye track on these metrics to stick your users for long life and make them satisfied with our app.

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