There are always arguments as to which Industry is better. The ecommerce which is present on an online platform, or the traditional shops which have items that a customer can view before making a purchase. Here is a quick comparison between the Online Retail vs In-Store Retail in UAE.

Online Marketspace(E-commerce)Offline Marketspace
The online shopping sites offer the customers to have a better selection after showcasing multiple variants of a single type of product and it allows us to compare similar products easily.The traditional stores do not have the capability to showcase the variety in products and hence there is only a limited type of product available.
One backdraw about purchasing items online is that you cannot see the item and you have to make the purchase based on the reviews of customers who previously purchased that item.These stores give you the chance to touch, feel and try out items before making a purchase. Sometimes, they also have VR gears to help a customer see how the particular product will look in a particular space. This enables you to have a better idea about the product and increases the chances of making a purchase. 
Before making a purchase, you can go through the detailed description about the particular product. This helps in knowing more about the product.There is no such description available when you are purchasing items from a traditional store
These products can be delivered at doorstep and you do not need to go to the store to make a purchase.These products need to be taken from the stores, but there are few stores which provide an option for home delivery as well.
You have to wait for a given delivery time before the order reaches you. Orders are shipped as per the convenience of the users.The products can be taken as soon as you make the purchase. You do not need to wait for it and can be immediately taken to home.
These platforms offer easy returns and refunds. In case, a customer does not like a particular item, he/she can place a request for return or exchange. As soon as the product reaches the unit, a refund is initiated.There are a few stores which do not take any returns or exchanges once an item has been purchased. Hence, the customers need to make a purchase carefully the first time they visit the store.
Online stores may have an interesting and appealing interface, but they do not tend to attract as much as how the offline stores do. This sometimes ends up in lesser traffic on the site. In store ambiance sometimes plays an important role in persuading customers to make a purchase. Traditional stores are flexible to customise their stores as per the demands. 
Shopping online is a faster process as a user can quickly search for the desired item and make a purchase.Shopping in-store requires a lot of browsing and hence has more time consumption.
Online retail websites and apps provide a lot of promotional offers and discounts irrespective of special occasions.These stores usually have offers and discounts on products only on special occasions.
Sometimes, product descriptions do not suffice the personalised expertise of a personThese stores have associates that are trained and well versed with all the aspects and features of a particular product. They also share their personal experiences and help in making a better decision.

Hence, we can conclude that both the ways have their own pros and cons. It’s totally up to the customer’s convenience for each of the factors mentioned above as to which way is better. Thus, the retailers need to focus on insights that consider geographical and audience insights to have a better grasp at sales. Online Retail is gaining quite some momentum in the global markets and maybe in the near future with the aid of better technology, we will have the best of online and offline retail on a single platform.