Apps Development Trends-2019

As per the source Statica, the Number of smartphone users worldwide from 2014 to 2020 is increasing day by day in billions

From the years ago, Business owners used cell phones to contact with customers and used computers to send emails and managed all the conversion with the customers by installing software on their Computers

To be the fact we came away from we moved into the modern process called Website development to transform the traditional business to online Marketing to serve globally, In the same way, developers developed a Mobile app by using advanced technologies where we are using iPhone apps and Android apps for Marketing due to the effect of Smartphone users trending .

When the user watches the iPhone or Android devices they find some deep options on the phone to use. Today many smartphones are decorated with attractive features like Chatting, Video calls, Books, Music, Emails, Videos, Calendar, social media platforms etc.. Then user stick on the phone used for ordering products and services from the convenient place of living and that’s a big success for businesses. Smartphones not only help Branding of your business enterprise, but they also support possible customers find your store! Now, with social media apps at our fingertips, small businesses have become a lot more available to the society.

Including one smart search, users can simply teach you to read more about your products and services, or also follow you on social media to improve manage their marketing decision for succeeding.

In the driving innovation, many mobile apps development companies in Dubai have applied a lot of modern methods to continue for developing the apps with new features to enhance customer user experience and to meet a great demand on engaging our platform with customers .here are some latest trending ideas to keep the focus on in 2019

Augmented reality and virtual reality

Augmented Reality (AR) performs the real-life conditions throughout us into a digital interact by placing practical things in real-time. Augmented Reality does the current situation and covers new data on the top of it unlike virtual reality, which generates a completely artificial situation. Augmented Reality can be seen within a quality of activities. Recent advancements have created this technology available by adopting a smartphone which directed to the growth of a wide variety of augmented reality apps.

AR and VR apps are growing rapidly and have changed the face of smartphone apps through games and images and increasing the view of data in the real natural environment. This level is behind virtual reality, which strives to affect reality. AR apps are developing at a huge rate as they give businesses a diverse point which brings the more consumers.

This year will be using more AR/VR mobile apps technology and Our Company Fusion Informatics also applying this technology to mobile app development. Nowadays we using VR headsets and using games and medical fields.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The smartphone is ideal devices for Artificial Intelligence. Mobile apps can be performed with help of AI added as a feature provided with GPS tracking, as well as receiver and camera features. AI used in Mobile apps to track face recognition and  Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not only a matter of consideration for the developers in the business but also a topic of investigation and enlargement in the marketing industry, especially the mobile app development companies. And it is deserving understanding that AI is not just restricted to Google’s Partner or Apple ’s, it is becoming complete and then and 2019 appear to be the time when we order see mobile app developers combining extra of artificial intelligence technologies in their apps.


The applications of Blockchain are almost unlimited. From the clear of commercial and protection to the building. It has declared to be effective deserving in performing to raise surety level, tracking of objects, and position control. There’s no deficiency of something you can do if you understand how to operate including the system.

Always digital currency matters in the period transaction and Funding. With the figure of a transaction runs on the web immediately. Blockchain performs knowledge to own mobile apps for them as strong. Money transfers, supporting trading, any mobile apps included in selling services or products in any field of industry. Maybe it’s an Android or iOS app, It supports payments with Bitcoin or any another cryptocurrency, A mobile app needs Blockchain.likewise blockchain uses a lot in developing mobile apps.

The Internet of Things (IoT)

Mobile applications perform an important position in the Internet of Things. They allow users to interact with the system. Therefore, with the growing IoT market, the mobile app development also increases. In the approaching prospect, we’ll reasonably understand the huge change of something users are employed to in their daily life. That’s why companies should consider into account some critical things to help from the new technology way.

Chat Bots & Cognitive Services

Smartbots are a modern concept, but their demand is almost growing fast in all business today. These bots are designed with computer programming developed to communicate with the user using the textual connection. But, over the earlier, chatbots have well developed to better simple textual construction and are now provided with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning abilities. Also, many businesses are already completely applying chatbots as a member of their client service.

At present many businesses are starting to remember the uses of chatbots to increase the marketing services and it is very necessary to increase the safety of chatbots and become the important part of all industries. Chatbots are developed with Natural language recognition and ability to understand the inputs of the user effectively and can respond right based on quires.

Conclusion –

The Industry is continuously developing the new technologies and there is no end of updates for new things. Always developer analyzes for advanced technologies for user experience and there is a bigger chance to replace these trends with new updates in features and We at Fusion Informatics is always refreshing our development process to implement in our client’s projects and make them beneficial with our projects.

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