How UAE Educational Sector is Booming with Technology 1

Today, Education technology, popularly called Edtech, is revolutionizing the education industry the world over. Technology plays a significant role in education. The UAE has always prioritized the education sector and this is evident from what the founder of the UAE, H.H. Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan had once said, “The greatest use that can be made of wealth is to invest it in creating generations of educated and trained people.”(source-UAE embassy in the US). Education technology is gaining traction in the entire UAE as an invaluable learning and teaching tool. There’s massive adoption of digital technologies like AI, AR/VR, Blockchain, Sensor-based IoT, and a lot more, in the UAE education sector. We will explore more about how the education sector is booming with technology in the UAE.


In the past year, the momentum that built in the learning & training is not going to subside rather picking as days passing by. Schools are opting for the effervescent e-learning platform, implementing modern digital tools and technologies in classrooms, thereby simplifying the classroom technology as well as IT infrastructure. This is leading to smooth learning and training of lessons across places and regions. Students and teachers are collaborating to create digital content using AI, IoT, ML, coding, automation, etc. and geographical boundaries are not any constraint there. For instance, Madrasa is an app-based learning tool that provides 5000 Arabised videos in subjects like Science, Mathematics, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, etc. There are 11M words of content catering to the education needs of students from KG to 12thgrade. So, if you are a school authority looking to harness the power of digital technology, want to know how deep learning, data analytics can make learning fun for students, you can contact a credible mobile & app development company that can guide you from the scratch!

Benefits of adopting app-based Edtech model for schools:

  • Reduced communication gap between parents & teachers
  • Parents can view their kids’ performance periodically
  • Better kids engagement by smartboards, digital activity boards
  • Gaming technology   boosting fun-based learning
  • Cost reduction as fewer expenses on classroom accessories and infrastructure


In this era of digital technology and digitalization, the education system in the UAE is undergoing a massive transformation, and universities being no exception. Mobile technology has become a new learning tool. With the help of the  IoT and other digital technologies, universities can have a better reach & impact on learners. Universities are using Virtual Reality (VR) labs for medicine courses, medical learning using  Robotics, etc, for conducting tests, studies, research, simulations, and so on. The immense need for personalized learning, innovative teaching methods, and collaborations have given rise to online resources. Data Management, AI-ML powered Predictive Analytics helping teachers in developing action plans, assessing performances of students, etc. Teachers are utilizing technology like Predictive Analytics for personalized learning and helping students to retain education and not dropping out.


  • Online Resources
  • Accessibility of e-books
  • Efficient Online assessments/examinations
  • MOOCs providing massive learning opportunities
  • Personalized Teaching and learning with the aid of AI-ML-Predictive Analytics
  • Minimizing Students drop-outs
  • Blockchain, HIP based efficient, accurate verification of students credentials

Professional Institutes

The digital remodeling of face-to-face teaching is allowing technical education to be seamlessly conducted in the country. Moreover, digital classrooms are also utilized as a platform to solve real-world problems. The availability of online consulting using digital technologies like Virtual Reality(VR),3D Printing, etc. is facilitating in solving real-world problems of trainers, professionals, and other related stakeholders, in many ways.


  • Digitally connected training centers
  • Digital Students’ records
  • Digitally powered Cyber Security Systems, digital collaboration tools, tablets
  • AI-Enabled ,high-performance research& development labs
  • AI-enabled online  certifications

CERT- Technical Education Platform

CERT (Centre of Excellence for Applied Research & Training), is a leading vocational and training center, a commercial wing of HCT (Higher Colleges of Technology). This very technical center is dedicated to providing technical education training & instructions in applied technology.CERT is one of the examples of many other vocational & training centers that are disseminating valuable technical education establishing the importance of technology everywhere. So, you can say, CERT acts as the mouthpiece of technology in the UAE! The company is the largest technical education provider in the entire Middle East (MENA region).

AI-Driven Digital School

The Vice President & Prime Minister of UAE and the Ruler of Dubai, H.H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum,  has launched the ever-first comprehensive Digital School, that aims to promote online education amongst students around the world. The digital school focuses on personalized, flexible  Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered remote learning systems. Cutting-edge technology like AI is helping this grand initiative towards self-learning & skill development.

As H.H. says, “Digital education is the future. We need to adapt to the rapidly-changing educational sphere.”

“Digital learning reduces the gap between the current status of the Arab educational systems and our aspirations for the next generation. Our contribution to developing educational platforms is our real investment in the future of young people.”

APP-based AR/VR, Digital Tools, Augmenting Education

Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality(VR/AR)applications (apps) are directly influencing the education landscape in the UAE. These AR/VR apps have entered the UAE classrooms, and IoT-backed classrooms, altogether varied digital tools and technology are continuously transforming classrooms digitally. This is leading to the personalization of learning as well as encouraging real-time collaboration between teachers and students.

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