In today’s market, There are several varieties of apps are available such as food ordering apps like Zomato, Swiggy, e-commerce apps like Flipkart, Amazon and Groceries apps like BigBasket in almost all the mobile apps implemented digital payment option to send money for concern product or services. Some users use payment wallet apps like Google pay, Phone Pay and Beam Wallet App for digital payment regards, these apps enable users to pay money with simple options.

What is Mobile Wallet App?

A mobile wallet is a digital wallet application that collects payment card details of users within the application. Mobile wallets are a comfortable alternative for a user to perform payments for stores, bills, etc and can accept at shoppers registered with the mobile wallet applications.

The businesses are transforming into a digital era from food ordering to e-commerce business everything done in the form of digital applications. The way users operate the mobiles to meet their daily needs by ordering foods, shopping and receiving services for various applications has changed the entire system of business today. This process of online digital payment methods identified the members of financial organizations and planning to implement the digital wallet applications in their respective business to reach more customers and providing 24/7 accessible for users to make transactions. The top mobile app development companies are building Payment wallet apps with innovative tools and features that are simple to operate by users.

When users perform payments to store, the mobile apps consisting the technology of NFC (network field communication) uses the frequency of the network to transform between one device to another concern device meant for the transaction. This technology uses card information and banks servers to transform money into merchant server terminals.

About Beam (mobile wallet app in Dubai)


Beam Wallet App is developed and established in Dubai, Sydney, and Gothenburg in 2012. The company invented a Beam Wallet app aiming to provide solutions that allow users to make payments and earn a rewarding experience. The advance technology improvement in Dubai has transformed users converted to buy anything from using mobile apps and making payments within it. This concept has successfully implemented in the Beam Wallet app, increased the transactions with rewards.

As has been leading Wallet app in Dubai, IT sector has announced a technology Innovation Leadership Award in Mobile wallet app payment services due to their creative features delivering the innovations in the Middle East. Because of enhanced features and innovative function by Beam wallet has achieved a milestone of 80,000 registered users from globally.

The beam is become famous mobile wallet app in Dubai due to its impressive nature of structure and security functions. To develop a Mobile Wallet App like Beam there are many factors to consider and involved so much of research and insights to capture users’ demands and market objectives.

How does Beam Wallet App secure the safety of their services?

Security plays a major role in the wallet apps that have to identify the wallet app financial companies. The users use the mobile wallet app regularly if an application is providing security services to protect account data and card details.

Such as Beam Wallet App contains the feature of the security function that aligned to assure and prevent from fraud activities of sensitive data.

The developers built Beam Wallet app with high-level and a strong security tool that defends the entire performance from origin to complete. It begins encrypting the entire performance when you swipe your application over PoS-terminal, the performance can only be opened at this limit and is moved up to the admiration. This kind of security is very essential in the list of must-have features you need to combine in your mobile wallet payment services.

The Beam wallet app was developed and implemented the feature to create a profile for users, which includes storing personal information such as phone number, Mail address and account details like card information and transaction details etc., The Profile will secure with a custom strong password.

The Beam Mobile Wallet app contains the feature of QR-code, helps to scan the code present in the merchant shop to transform money quickly. The camera scans the code in the photo to authentic the account details. The feature can track any code easily. In addition, it can provide multiple ways to save the time of users by filling a form to transform money.


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