If you are a healthcare business owner in the UAE, Let’s take a poll!

Which of the following services of telemedicine in UAE do you consider the topmost priorities for your business outcomes?

  • Video F2F chats
  • 15 minutes mobile phone communication
  • mHealth/mobile apps
  • Remote patient care
  • EMR/EHRspecific

While you are still engrossed in the poll, let me define the concept of telemedicine and how it is transforming the healthcare industry in the UAE! For your information, as per a recent Frost & Sullivan’s analysis, in the UAE, Virtual Visits, RPM(Remote Patient Monitoring), mHealth is estimated to reach $536.5 M by the year 2025.

What is Telemedicine

Telemedicine means getting/delivering health consultations and related healthcare services virtually, over the online medium, viz., online appointment, virtual doctor,mHealth, remote monitoring of patients, remote treatment of diseases, remote surgeries using AI-Robotics technologies, and so on. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, telemedicine in UAE is helping the healthcare sector efficiently and very effectively minimizing the risk of infections from spreading around.

Telemedicine allows people to get remote healthcare, right at their respective homes, and don’t need to visit a clinic or hospital physically. For instance, mobile app-based telemedicine tools can examine symptoms, can even diagnose some non-emergency cases, can book appointments for teleconsultation with doctors via video calls, voice calls, or text messages.

How Does It Work

Generally, telemedicine operates in the following manner:

  • Visit your chosen healthcare service provider’s website
  • Book an appointment with the concerned department (gyno, ortheo, pediatrician, oncologist, COVID, etc.)
  • You can send SMS, WhatsApp, or email, your choice
  • A medical team from your selected center will contact you  and confirm your booking
  • You can make an online payment/credit or debit card payment
  • Your preferred doctor will be available online before your desktop/smartphone screen for consultation
  • Home delivery of the prescribed medication (that doctor has prescribed for you after consultation)
  • Medical person/nurse.pathologist will visit your home for sample collection
  • Your medical reports will reach your email/mailbox/WhatsApp
  • Share report with your doctor for further treatment

An exclusive telemedicine solution comprises three panels depending upon your business type and business requirements:

  • Patient’s Panel
  • Doctor’s Panel
  • Admin Panel

So, if you are a startup, enterprise, hospital, the above-mentioned telemedicine panels take care of your entire healthcare needs within specific set-ups. Right from the onboarding process, advanced settings, payments, and in-app features to analytics, support, and much more, you are bound to hit the bull’s eye via telemedicine adoption, customized to your unique business needs. Consulting a relevant technology partner, a reliable mobile & web app development company can take you way ahead of your competitors!


Whether you are a healthcare provider or patient, telemedicine can help you in the following ways:

1. Convenient and Easy Access  to Healthcare Facilities

No need to be physically present in a clinic or hospital. Online mode for consultation makes the process simple and easy to follow.

2. Time Saving & Cost-Effective

Undoubtedly,  telemedicine saves time as well as money and proves to be an added contribution to the growing healthcare economy in the UAE.

3. Leap of Faith & Quality care

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has brought telemedicine into the mainstream healthcare realm in the UAE; people don’t want to step out of their homes and are resorting to telemedicine that provides quality healthcare at their places. Indeed, this digital wonder is proving to be a lifeline for patients across boundaries.

4. Enhancing Conventional Healthcare

Telemedicine does not entirely replace the traditional mode of face-to-face (f2f) healthcare mode like meeting a doctor directly, rather it complements it, enhances the underlying system itself.

5. Remote Monitoring & Management

AI-ML-IoT and other digital technologies-powered telemedicine facilitate convenient remote healthcare services for patients. It enables the medical team to monitor patients on a remote basis, thereby helping caregivers and family members a great deal.

6. Patients’ Direct Involvement

Patients remain directly involved in the entire healthcare plan and make them deeply involved in the process concerning their own health. There is transparency right before their eyes, too, and this gives a major satisfaction and contentment concerning their unique treatment plans and processes.

7. Confidentiality Assured

Telemedicine assures the security and confidentiality of a patient’s information. Digital technology like Blockchain and others help telemedicine to be an authentic and promising healthcare service facility where unauthorized access is prohibited.

UAE Bats for Telemedicine

Consulting doctors from the comfort of your home is the safest and the coolest way to utilize the massive capabilities of telemedicine in the healthcare sector. Just a few easy steps and medical treatment takes its course in a regulated manner. For example, diabetes treatment needs constant monitoring, regular collecting patients’ blood glucose data. Telemedicine in UAE is catering to this emergency healthcare service for patients suffering from diabetes (and other chronic illness) on a noteworthy scale. So, if you are one of those healthcare businesses looking to adopt telemedicine in your existing system, consult a dedicated mobile and web app & solutions development company in your region and get started right away!

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