How Much Does it Cost to Develop an App like RTA Dubai?

How Much Does it Cost to Develop an App like RTA Dubai? Dubai is one of the most agile developing cities in the world, which implements the requirement of high-quality support facilities necessary. Also, implementing a modern transport network for Dubai citizens is a preference in the government’s plan. So RTA has taken a step to provide support for public transport facilities and improve roads across the emirate to make travel more reliable and also smooth. They came with a unique idea to implement smartphone applications that are accessible to all smart devices.

RTA Dubai is an award-winning mobile app for the last 3 years helping users in public transport. They developed a mobile app that supports Arabic, English, Hindi & Russian languages. This application helps businesses to get support from fingertips and offers a set of business services that match all needs and allow users to use the features of future trends, business publications, can pay the online fee and can claim insurance, and many more.

Develop a Road Transport mobile app like RTA Dubai

 Are you looking to develop an app for road transport users to guide them in journeys? Okay, in that case, we need to know many apps are roaring in the app store that is not successful. Before developing a mobile app for any industry, we need to perform certain perfect research and analysis of business objectives that lead to the success road map.

There are a number of countries where mobile app technologies have revolutionized the business, as they are excellent for improving user satisfaction and retention rate. So, if you’re a growing entrepreneur who wants to Create App like then it’s just a vast view of the current condition.

So we must first think about the business methods and, most importantly, the mobile app usability. Clearly, the cost differs on the level of features that you need to include in the first step of your mobile app. So let’s first clarify those important features!

Essential Features and Services of RTA Dubai

  • The app supports the following languages: Arabic, English, and Hindi & Russian.
  • The app support wearable’s to watch the journey of users and can perform secure payments
  • Simple registration of new users and login features of the RTA account with the ability to discuss with RTA agents via chat features.
  • RTA Dubai app contains an advanced dashboard that provides users with a personal profile along with personal and emergency numbers for safe driving.
  • The app has included parking services for guests and can and retain their parked position as well as obtaining parking locations in Dubai.
  • Users can use this app for booking taxi services after login a can order a taxi for their transport services.

How Much Does it Cost to develop an app like RTA Dubai?

Developing a Road Transport app like RTA Dubai comes with advance features and depends on many factors such as type of platform chosen, technologies applied, geographic location of company and features involved.

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