Are you looking to develop an app for food delivery services and you want to know the cost of food delivery app development, then you are in the right place.

The mobile app’s technology helping users to find their preferred food in a convenient way, that satisfies their taste buds. The advanced technology is emerging and accessible for restaurants serve better. Dubai is one of the quickest developing markets for food delivery service, apps like Careem Now, Zomato and UberEats are in a huge competition.

The apps have transformed the space of food services in the entire restaurant industry, as it made a huge demand for convenience and changed the supply chain from marketing to delivery. From recent years the users switched eating food outside in roadsides, restaurants and increased demand for ordering through the app.

It’s clear that food delivery apps have indicated a larger shift in the business to expand the business. The transformation of the food industry has started with smartphone developing with the generation of delivery apps.

Dubai is famous for a family outing to get the favorite foods in restaurants and at present due to mobile apps came into the screen; haunting and reaching the restaurants declined. The mobile apps generating more business for new startups, delivery apps such as Careem Now, Zomato, Talabat, and UberEats are helping them to expand their services.

The app services work for user convenience, consumers don’t even require to call, just they can place their request and for delivery services that have their own pick-up and delivery boys, it makes the process of a restaurant very nearby and cost-efficient.

The food delivery apps become famous nowadays and business owners are looking to develop similar apps like Careem Now, Zomato. They started searching in Google on below questions as we collected to help the business peoples get knowledge about the development process and cost details.

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About Careem Now


Careem Now is an online goods and services delivery platform and expanded their services to deliver food items from restaurants. They adopted mobile apps that are available for both Android and iPhone devices.

They started its services in Dubai and Jeddah and aimed to spread the services to be one of the largest food delivery platforms and providing excellent services for users. They hold more than 33 million customers utilizing the Careem Now technology to get quick food in potential demand.

About Zomato


Zomato is a famous food-delivery application, which started in 2008 and now it is presently holding 50 million users. In Zomato, it allows users to observe the various kinds of restaurants that can allow the best continental and regional foods.

Founded in 2008, Zomato is the best platform for online food ordering and locating restaurants to get foods quickly. The company is located in Gurgaon and it benefitted both restaurants owners and users.

How to Develop Food Ordering App like Careem Now, Zomato and UberEats?


Are you looking to know how much does it cost to develop a food delivery app? Then you are in the right place.

To create an app like Zomato, Careem Now, it needs to consider various factors and employed with the latest tools and technologies to develop advanced features. To develop a food delivery app the implemented features and selection of platform, software and time requirements comes with cost difference. The restaurant mobile app development can build with market research and users’ demands.

The concept of a restaurant finder and the food delivery app almost connected with advancing up the method of receiving the food and paying the money.

Essential Features of Food Delivery Apps


User View
  • Registration
  • Order placing
  • Finding Restaurants
  • Advanced Filter
  • Coupons
  • Directions
  • Tracking the delivery
  • Rating and Reviews
  • Customer Support
  • Admin Access
  • Restaurant Control
  • Request Control
  • Order Authority
  • Payment Gateway

How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Food Ordering App like Careem Now, Deliveroo, and UberEats

Strong and powerful technologies have created it comfortable for the user to receive our favorite food ordered and delivered at our doorsteps to know the cost associated in the building of on-demand food delivery app development need to consider many factors and things.

  • To develop a food-ordering app like Careem Now, Zomato you need to conclude platform first whether to expand the mobile app for all types of the devices such as iOS, Android and the cost will vary with the variety of platform you want.
  • The development cost of food delivery app like Careem Now varies with the design of the mobile app and that plays a major role in engaging more customers. The best app design depends on the advanced technologies integrated into it and it may charge more for requirements.
  • The food delivery app development cost like Zomato varies on unique features and functions involved within the mobile app and charges vary the type of features implemented.
  • The Food delivery app development cost in Dubai varies on the type of technologies employed to make customer attract through their unique features.
  • The app development cost like Zomato varies on app development model and process time taken. The famous food delivery apps like Careem Now and Zomato some advanced functionalities to engage more customers.
  • A business owner should choose the food-ordering app Development Company based on the developer expertise and experience of the development company, and experience in a particular device.

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The food delivery apps enable the user to order food online through mobile apps and drive all the way to locate the favorite restaurant.

The main intention of the food delivery app company is to deliver the food at a promising time in a convenient manner. It is a comfortable approach for consumers to obtain food at their doorstep and it helps restaurants who get way to a widespread business across the cities.

Currently, Careem Now, Zomato and Deliveroo are focusing only on food delivery to achieve customer satisfaction by delivering food on time.

About Fusion Informatics

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In Dubai, the cost of on-demand food ordering app development may vary on the above-mentioned key factors. We have an in-depth analysis of the food delivery app development with advanced technologies.

We advise you to get consult us to know the exact price details and we are ready to help your business to grow.

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