If you are a business leader in the UAE, this blog is for you!

Because the narrative is elaborating your ordeal, your realization, your vision, concerning the adoption of digital technology.

Businesses in the UAE are in retrospective moods. You have realized the significance of digitalization now, how to continue your business processes by adopting digital technology, and undergo the overdue digital transformation! Yes, it is long overdue on your part, and it’s high time to take precautions for your future lest any other disruption should happen again. And the businesses that survived extinction during the pandemic are those who used their digital technologies in the nick of time. It’s better late than never!

What is Hybrid Work-Model

It’s all about how businesses are functioning today – a blend-form of work model. Your work is not tied to a specific, central physical location. Rather, you, your work, your employees are connected to the services, platforms, networks via digital technology. It is a blend of real-time office places as well as the virtual office in the form of Work-from-Home(WFH) or Work-from-Anywhere(WFA). The crux is, technology gets the thing rolling and businesses are working normally. All Mobile!

The reality is – Digital transformation saved your business during the crisis(pandemic). Digital transformation will drive your business in the hybrid-work model as well. So, it’s your time to take the call, adopt digital on a full-fledged scale. In all the departments.

Adopting Digital for Work

With the arrival of the COVID-vaccine, people are becoming optimistic in terms of working models and lifestyle. Although many companies, enterprises like Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, Square have declared that most of the employees will work remotely permanently, with the COVID crisis being handled rather cautiously, employees themselves are opting for a hybrid work model. They want to divide days between office-going and WFH and they are not going to impact productivity at all. And as per Aongus Hegarty, President, International Markets, Dell Technologies, businesses can even achieve better productivity from the workforce working on a remote basis. It’s all because of digital technology that is empowering them!

Listen what the Director & General Manager, Lenovo Data Centre Group MEA. Chris Cooper says, “Businesses are not expecting to go back to as it was. As they continue down their digital transformation, there’s an acceptance that there will be a higher degree of mobile working.”

How is Technology Facilitating a Remote Workforce in the UAE?

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is not a new technology in the UAE but is strongly prevalent today amidst the hybrid-work model. For instance, VDI is appropriate for employees doing transactional tasks. While mobility solutions are apt for employees operating from multiple locations. And for the employees who are handling a lot of the company’s data and managing databases, they need a powerful software-based computer system.

Another important thing to consider is the IT management angle. Deploying IT systems maintaining and patching them, migrating them while shifting as well as installing tools for remote working are few functions where technology is helping businesses in today’s environment in the UAE. Of- course, security and safety are the priorities in the whole gamut. No new option, but digital adoption!

CLOUD – Empowering the Remote Workforce

You can see how your businesses have automatically adopted the mainstream technology applications, laptops, security tools, etc. when the pandemic struck, but that is not sufficient. Your employees are working on a remote basis, and as the WFH model is maturing, you need to think of infrastructure, CLOUD technology to empower your remote workforce.

Cloud Services can benefit you a lot in your business needs. It works on broadband internet, mobile technology, and works towards storing your company data, save the back-up, allows running of varied applications, and streamlining how information should be shared. Two inherent benefits of CLOUD Computing are their efficiency and cost-effectiveness. You can harness this technology to streamline your business operations.

So, you can go for this digital service, the Cloud Computing, that can enable your remote workforce to access data, programs, which are available on a remote server, from anywhere( office, home, field) and whatever device they are using( laptop, desktop, tablet, mobile phone). Cloud Services such as Cloud Storage, Cloud Backup, SaaS Solutions, Cloud Hosting can handle varied business tasks that include web-hosting, file storage, and so on.

Business Strategy – Disrupting the Status-Quo

Business strategies are directly dependent on the newly adopted business models that leverage the power of digital technologies to sustain and thrive in the UAE and the international markets.  Mohamed Al Qubaisi of Injazat says that proactive strategy is the need of the hour. Being reactive means waiting for a calamity to strike and then take the safety measures which is risky for any business! Being proactive means you are taking steps in advance and prepared for the consequences if any. That is possible by the digital transformation of your business. Shifting from CAPEX  to OPEX models, aggressive CyberSecurity structures, protecting data, facilitating technology for remote-work, hybrid work mode, are the topmost priorities for businesses across the UAE to combat the adverse effects of the crisis.  Qubaisi says, “So, you’re now changing the business model and the impact becomes significant. And this is what digital transformation will do for healthcare as an example to disrupt the status quo, and to do things very differently in a modern way.”  Worth noting is the estimation of the number of devices that are getting connected to the internet, approximately 80 billion by 2025. Food for thought for you regarding digital transformation!

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