Learning platform in schools can become an interesting and exciting experience if it molds itself into a personalized version for students, and the entire ecosystem adapting accordingly. The UAE is also keen on adopting digital platforms to realize this form of personalized learning in schools and give the stakeholders a seamless experience throughout the journey. Artificial Intelligence becomes a top choice when it comes to education, and that, too, school students who are based in the transition period of their life.

Entities involved and AI

In short, we can say that AI has an astounding impact on the key stakeholders within the system of school learning –

They are –

  • Students
  • Teachers
  • School Administrators
  • Parents

Let us find out how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is capable to transform school education in the UAE, and how the key entities can reap benefits from it –

Artificial Intelligence applied areas-

  • Predictive Analysis of Students

Predicting students’ behavior in the class becomes easier with the help of AI technology. How long they will be attentive, on their attention span in a specific class, etc., AI can help teachers make an analysis report of the learning patterns of students and even can predict their behavior in the ongoing classes. AI does comparisons in attendance of students across a specific time- period and will predict if they will attend classes, qualify in examinations and whether they will improve over time, all via its predictive analysis capability.

  • AI automating classroom activities

AI tools are filling the gaps between learning and teaching, allowing the development of skills, testing systems, and so on. AI technology helps streamline admin tasks thereby facilitating the efficiency level of teachers in their performance metrics as they are now more focused on their main goals, and have freedom and time to understand and adapt accordingly. For example, right from primary school to higher secondary, grading as well as evaluating larger volumes of answer sheets is an uphill task for teachers and assistants, both. AI helps automate the grading system and the evaluation process becomes smoother and unbiased grades are assured for students.

  • Personalized learning system

Customizing the learning pattern of students needs personal attention.AI helps in differentiating students in terms of learning capabilities that are impossible for teachers to do when they are handling a large number of students in a class, say, 50 students, at a time. AI helps adjust learning goals based on individual student’s learning needs. How AI works in this domain? It’s possible through the automatic process of browsing records, identifying problem areas by monitoring progress in class for a specific subject, and so on. Thereafter, AI tools identify the learning methods most apt and suitable for each student present in the class. This way, AI submits a comprehensive report or information to the teachers concerned, based on which specific methods of learning are recommended such as video-based learning patterns, one-to-one personalized coaching apart from general classes, etc.

  • Global classrooms

AI- tools- capabilities make learning effective and common to all students present just anywhere in the world. Despite ranging from varied language backgrounds, students across the platform can understand subjects being taught because AI translates as per students’ native language, and real-time sub-titles are automatically flashed, thereby, leading to an enhanced learning experience for students as a whole.

The system also helps students who cannot attend physical classrooms due to various reasons. AI-powered online classroom method is helping students across the UAE.

  • Automation of admin-tasks

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has stepped into the administration part of the school and helps in automating various admin tasks such as the filing system, the enrollment process, and admission procedures. In the grading process for homework or tests, a teacher or evaluator has to spend an arduous time and attention. This can be saved by AI which automates the entire process, saving time for staff members in the admin department, teachers who are now free to attend to students one-to-one mode because they are free of the routine jobs. Personalized attention enables students to hone their learning skills and gain knowledge with time. We can see, AI capabilities are personalizing the entire learning scenario where students and other entities utilize at their best capacity.

  • AI for extra support

Various AI applications are useful for students who are struggling to cope up with the usual academic subjects. AI applications such as AI mentors, Grammarly, etc. are developed for learners and educators and helping the entire ecosystem. Thus, AI is helping tutoring, coaching, and other learning styles that make students learn the tough subjects quickly, in a convenient manner. Learning becomes easier and interesting now.

 Artificial Intelligence has become an inevitable option for the UAE government to uplift the education system in the country. In the present scenario, Online education, or, Online learning is a viable option, and  AI technology stands as a perfect choice that promises an enhanced experience for all the entities involved – students, teachers, parents, school leaders, alike!

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