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The UAE is joining the quest to become one of the global leaders by adopting the technology. Even though there are numerous challenges that urbanization brings with itself, UAE is now investing billions in establishing itself in the development of technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain, Cloud Computing, etc. Initially, this transformation started back in 2010 when “Vision 2021” was launched by H.H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Prime Minister of the UAE and Vice-President. This was a significant move, which led to the creation of several technological strategies like 3D printing, IoT, AI, and the fourth Industrial Revolution.

For a fact, we know that the technological revolution that we are witnessing now is going to make our societies and systems smarter and will pose a challenge to the individuals who do not adapt to the pace of this transitioning technology. The government of the UAE is accepting this challenge and adapting well to technological changes by investing more into this. To understand about the digital transformation in UAE, we must acknowledge the role of technology in it. 

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Role of Technology in Digital Transformation

Trending technologies like AI, Big Data, IoT, etc. have unlocked the gates of digital transformation in UAE. However, when we consider the reality of the forthcoming knowledge revolution, we will experience interactions between machines or even interactions between machines and humans. In the future, we may see smart devices transcending the human capabilities where machines will be acquiring and applying the practical wisdom obtained from humans.

Human roles seem to be distinguished by “Tacit Knowledge,” which is the key to innovation in the years to come and will give us capabilities to work with specific ideas and also bring them to life.

Here are the 4 ways how the UAE is experiencing a digital transformation. 

  1. Expediting the pace of Growth: 

In case you did not know, the UAE is home to numerous regional bases of world-renowned accelerator programs. This gives all the startups and potential investors a chance to improve their business viability. The best example for this is Techstars, an American company that has accelerated successful ventures like ClassPark and PillPack which has its the Middle East and MENA hub in Dubai. 

  1. Importance of investing in the Knowledge Revolution

This is a bold approach that is usually free from all the stereotypes and comes with a long term commitment that helps in stimulating a competitive yet innovative environment that is aligned with the successive technological changes. 

  1. Attracting Local and Global Talent

It is important to attract local and global talent in order to drive innovation successfully. The biggest example of this is the 1m Arab Coders program which helps in attracting the coders which pose a new set of talent and skills on the emerging technologies. 

  1. Creating Space and Investment

A wide range of people in the tech ecosystem has been benefited by the UAE’s quest to become a global tech leader. You need a bold approach with some long term commitment that enables you to be competitive and work in innovative environments followed with successive technological developments.

There’s much to be exhilarated when it comes to technology in the UAE. If we wish to 

As you can see, there is much to be excited about when it comes to technology in the UAE. For the UAE to establish itself as a global leader, the map to success is already created. 

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