Over the last few years, AI has dominated all major industries, with an unprecedented rise in the number of systems, applications and software focused on machine learning and AI technologies. Smart machines have been developed by scientists and engineers that can simulate reasoning and develop knowledge and that imitate like how normal people work. This indicates that we are truly heading towards the future.

There is no doubt that AI automation will soon be part of the future that will bring a new era in the world of technology in 2020. Many things are not always easier to calculate the statistical significance when it comes to AI, like the mathematical problems. However, this is the’ machine learning’ part. If in case of prediction of weather or diagnosing diseases, knowing the amount of product in the supply chain management (SCM) or playing chess for the AI the developers and engineers will have led to do theirs.

Many AI Development Companies designing apps which make use of AI as a mainframe technology to help solve these real-life problems. AI’s outlook for 2020 is promising, since many industries and companies are currently working on this technology, with the aid of Artificial Intelligence, which are growing their productivity.

In 2020, we are expected to see AI bringing radical changes to many areas, be it businesses, business models, technologies and cultures.

So without a delay let us discuss the most promising AI trends in 2020.

How Artificial Intelligence (AI) Beneficial for Human

The domestic and commercial system of the human world is strongly affected by artificial intelligence. Different AI-driven technologies help business owners, educators and marketers.

The idea of making AI part of our daily lives may be an idea that would confuse most of us, but the fact is that AI is already becoming a norm in most corporate and domestic sectors. All we do now is in touch with AI via the Internet of Things. Everything in life plays an important part. AI is also a big deal by providing guidance. The company’s AI development services are the biggest success in coming years for the future of AI.

Even through Artificial Intelligence (AI) Development, it is said that it will increase the number of people employed in the coming year, as the rate of employment will increase, which means that there will be more work, which will indirectly increase the level of development.  According to recent survey, AI is said to remove about 1.9 million employees and replace them with 2.4 million jobs.

List of Top AI trends that will dominate 2020

  • AI Assistants Will Rise

AI assistants can streamline and automate worldwide customer service and sales tasks. We have already addicted and implemented some of the most popular personal assistants like Siri, Alexa, Cortana and Google Assistant. Smart assistants were used by increasing numbers of businesses to perform important tasks. More use of AI assistants will be made in 2020 and beyond.

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  • Blending of Blockchain, IoT, and AI

In the future, another trend-setting IoT and Blockchain technology will combine with AI technologies. In order to have a positive impact, AI should be combined with other technologies. For example, without IoT working with AI, self-driven vehicles could not make much sense. The IoT activates and monitors the sensors in the car gathering real-time data while the AI interface is the vehicle’s decision-making requirements. Blockchain also works in close collaboration with AI in order to deal with stability, scalability and confidence problems.

  • AI-Enabled Chips

Even the most powerful CPU may not improve the efficiency of the AI model on its own. Organizations need high-performance CPUs to use AI for cases such as computer vision, natural language processing (NLP) or speech recognition. Chips that are AI fueled will be a perfect solution for this challenge. These chips make CPUs “smart” to optimize their tasks. CPUs can therefore work individually for their tasks and increase their performance. In order to solve and perform complicated tasks faster, new technologies for AI require these chips.

Organizations like Facebook, Amazon and Google are expanding their AI-enabled chip investment. Below is a list of worldwide capital funds for start-ups with AI-enabled chips.

  • AI-Fueled Entertainment & Media

While AI has not penetrated or completely utilized under media and entertainment sector but it is surely going to be done by 2020. The economy of the production of games and films is strong. Therefore, it is obvious that the use of AI in this field is inevitable if you know that only one out of ten films is profitable.

AI can be a contributor to story development, production, writing scripts, and even performance like acting.

  • Advances in GPUs

GPUs are one of the most commonly used AI powered processors.

Rendering an image requires simple computer power but must be achieved very quickly on a large scale. For such instances, GPUs are the best choice as they can simultaneously perform thousands of simple tasks. Since they perform these simple tasks much faster, GPU new technologies make better images.

Modern GPUs have become efficient enough to be used in activities beyond image rendering, such as cryptocurrency mining or machine learning. Data science scientists found that these are repeated parallel tasks, whereas CPUs normally do these tasks. GPUs are therefore commonly used for effective learning in AI models.

  • Facial Recognition

A reliable method of biometric authentication is facial recognition. The accuracy and readability of this AI application have improved significantly in recent years because of massive investments and extensive research in this field. With the assistance of AI, the use of facial recognition technology is most likely to expand with precision in 2020.

  • Privacy and Policy

One of the main questions of privacy and policy discussion in 2018 was the adoption of the GDPR, which also extended back to 2019. In 2020, the need to protect individual privacy is likely to raise concern.  The latest development in the AI industry has prompted some of the concerns.

Most people do not know how companies use their data. The prints are sometimes lost. We are not even aware of their use in some situations. The AI laws that are still recent exacerbate this question further.

All has not yet been lost. If you can learn some tips and tricks from Mac and PC, you still can cover yourself. Thankfully, several reputable devices, including Android cleaners, for Mac and PC repair are accessible. The good thing is that most of these resources are protected by privacy.

  • Real-Time Customer Interactions Driven by AI

When we step into 2020, more marketing efforts will become real-time, powered by AI. With AI, companies can manage customer interactions on all channels in real-time. In order to improve customer retention, these companies will employ AI marketing. Customer recovery and first time active defects and other important strategies will all take advantage of AI.

AI will help advertisers reach new audiences through social media and other channels, in addition to its ability to improve customer interactions.

  • Advances in Algorithm Design

Although AI’s capabilities will grow rapidly, the algorithms behind AI models will also evolve. AI will be able to work more efficiently and to reach more people with less technical knowledge through the advances in algorithm design. The influential development in developing the AI algorithm is discussed below.

  • Biased Data

Several organizations have relied on machine learning models for critical decision-making in the last few years, such as the recruiting and acceptance of mortgage loans. This pattern could unfortunately lead to partial data. For example, conventional labor data suggests that women are promoted less frequently than men are and can establish a biased application based on AI.

  • Advancement of Traditional Industries

AI has become an indispensable tool of survival to more and more organizations. Traditional carmakers must adapt or become obsolete as they deploy self-driving vehicles.

Even AI leaders, such as Google and others, find it necessary to become customers or create partnerships with AI startups. The success of businesses will rely directly on their ability to prepare their human resources for change in the post-AI environment.

  • Reinforcement learning (RL)

Reinforcement Learning is machine learning’s subset that allows AI agents to take action to optimize their rewards. RL is not looking for patterns to make predictions, rather than conventional research. This chooses sequentially to optimize its reward and learns by experience.

Today, Google’s DeepMind AlphaGo is the most common example of RL. He has overthrown the world leader Ke Jie in two straight games. RL will also be used in fully automated plants and self-driving cars in the future.

  • AI-Fueled Cyber security Systems

Cyber-attacks are growing in complexity and size more quickly than current security steps. Citizens are not in fact in line with today’s tricks of cybercrime. Cyber-threatened hunting is a constructive way of identifying and stopping malicious attackers. AI systems will therefore continue to play an important role in the control of these attacks. Organizations can easily identify these safety violations using machine learning.

Are You Future-Ready?

Investment and interest in AI will increase over time when large cases of use of AI (for example, autonomous driving or AI diagnosis) of significant economic benefit are achieved. The AI is expected to increase over the long term.

The business opportunities that can arise from AI developments should grow in 2020. If you are running a business and looking to adopt Ai in your business then you may need support from AI Consultants for sure. The top AI Development Company like Fusion Informatics can be your best solution if you pick them as your AI partner. Hire us to allow us to help you grow your business and take it to next dimension.