Artificial Intelligence in Retail

Are you a retailer in an online space, e-commerce, or own an exclusive in-store retail business in your city? One thing is for sure, you cannot deny the involvement of digital technology in your business(online/in-store retail). Artificial Intelligence stands tall among all the technologies that are influencing businesses across industries on a global basis.

Post-COVID, the retail industry is focusing more on AI capabilities to attract consumers to their in-stores, and physical retail shops. For instance, AI-powered video surveillance technology helps retail stores in monitoring footfalls, traffic patterns, in-store occupancy, monitoring theft; AI –ML-enabled web & mobile applications allow omnichannel experience infusing digital into physical eco-space leading to the phygital mode!

In this blog, we will see the impact of Artificial Intelligence in Retail, and how it is boosting growth while enhancing customer experience in all!

Omni-Channel Experience

When the world is going gaga about online retailing and e-commerce, brick-and-mortar retailing wields its special charm. The tangibility, touch & feel experience is something online retailing cannot replace the effervescent in-stores.

Ever-changing consumer behavior is allowing AI to indulge in magical feats empowering retailers with analytics to understand requirements specifically.

Real-time AI omnichannel retail helps retailers to optimize varied touchpoints, and shopping channels that consumers come across. It facilitates the cross-channel purchasing journey of customers leading to improved business outcomes, and customer satisfaction.

Personalized Shopping Experience

AI-ML-predictive analytics help in-store retailers to provide a personalized customer experience. In the traditional retail model, retailers/shop owners cannot estimate the budget for goods that prospects might buy; they cannot figure out the needs and specific shopping requirements of prospective customers about to arrive at their shops.

Artificial Intelligence in a retail store helps to derive analytical insights about existing as well as target customers.

For example, knowing demographic details, identifying areas inside the shop/store that might fetch the maximum footfalls, optimizing in-store shelves, demand forecasting for specific products, and similar AI capabilities help retailers to prepare in advance, to provide customers a personalized shopping experience in their retail in-stores.

AI in Customer Experience

AI Robots for Shoppers’ Assistance

AI-ML-NLP enabled- autonomous robots, and roaming kiosks inside retail stores, help customers, and shoppers in choosing, and locating the products they want to purchase. For instance, Auchan Retail, Portugal, a next-gen grocery retail chain in Europe, uses these robots in hypermarkets,  and supermarkets, that move around the stores collecting data, by self-clicking pictures of shelves, and aisles, converting them into metrics & actionable insights regarding out-of-stock products, their pricing detail, etc.

This way, retailers, and shop owners can know in advance what is lacking inside the store and need shelf replenishment. Robots gather data from areas that gather more footfalls and customers’ favorite zone. On the other hand, a robotic kiosk, an AI-powered roaming kiosk helps a consumer to find a specific product they choose to buy.

As a consumer, you can speak to the robot(voice command), or you can type that product’s name you are searching into that kiosk, it will direct you to the very product’s location. Not only this, if you cannot pick that item due to height, it can pick it up for you, getting it off the shelf and putting it inside your shopping trolley! Artificial Intelligence in retail stores is helping customers so generously.

Digital Signage 

Digital content, engaging dynamic digital ads flashing products onscreen as per consumers’ preferences, based on AI-enabled data analytics insights and demand forecasts, the digital signages have a revolutionary impact on customers’ buying journey.

Dynamic digital elements catch shoppers’ eyes, and as per one statistic (source- Screen cloud),8/10 of customers have entered a retail store due to the impactful visual signage content. AI-powered digital signage can update content as per demographic detail of shoppers/onlookers.

Real-time, engaging content allows a smooth shopping experience for customers. Thus, AI-enabled digital signages help in-store retailers to increase customer traffic and dwell-timing, enhance purchasing decisions by providing context-based ads, and are very informative and entertaining for customers. Overall, helps in customers’ shopping experience.

Cashierfree Smart Check Outs

AI-IoT-Sensor-powered checkout stores help customers to do shopping in-store and leave without standing in a queue or checkout queue. It is an entirely checkout-free store.

Just like Amazon Go retail store where AI video surveillance, along with IoT technology enables customers to have a seamless buying experience. No need to appear in a queue and make payments, rather is done automatically.

Smart Checkouts allow customers to pick items, put them into their shopping carts, and walk out of the store. AI-based shopping carts loaded with in-built cameras tally purchases done by customers and facilitate an automated payment deduction via mobile wallets, or mobile app-based payment systems/online payment.


AI or Artificial Intelligence in retail is impacting consumer behavior by providing more choices and convenience rather than compulsion. The personalized shopping experience, digital chatbots, AI-ML-powered mobile applications, online payment, and self-checkouts are a few ways customers are enjoying the in-store shopping experience.

Touchscreen interface, virtual trial rooms, easy availability of product recommendations as well as regular updates about discounts, offers, etc. enable customers to stay enthusiastic throughout their shopping journey.

Are you a retailer willing to integrate  Artificial Intelligence into your retail in-store business that can improve customer experience? Connect with our experts.