The arrival of AI has completely changed the view of video analytics providing better security and many applications. In order to save the time the latest Video Analytics utilizes mathematical algorithms. These algorithms work in the way we can manage a large amount of videos that were previously impossible. Thanks to the huge improvement in deep learning and the automation of activities that were previously, an exclusive human responsibility has been enabled by video analysis.

Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Video Analytics and other business terms surrounding the transition that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is bringing to security and video surveillance demonstrate that there are many ways to say the same thing. Maybe the words about video surveillance of Artificial Intelligence are confusing.

Recent improvements to the AI-Assisted Video Analytics Solution have been a game-changer, ranging from applications that count people at malls, retail shops, events to automatic license plate recognition. Such advanced technology allows large amounts of Videos to be analyzed, monitored and handled. This is the reason AI has become a major player in the information analytics market today.

We can also get real-time videos from the cameras already mounted at the site. This video collects data incorporated into an AI Development algorithm. You can then find out about any serious threat happened or with real time technology, we can prevent any mistakes.

In this guide, you will learn about the basic concept of video analytics, how it is used to automate processes and what are its applications with AI based video analysis solutions.

Applications of AI-Fueled Video Analytics

Numerous applications are defined for video surveillance analysis in both the public and private sectors; government, retail, transport, logistics and financial & banking services. These applications protect people and assets ideally before occurrence, from harm and damage. Motion detection and pattern recognition are the two concepts under video analysis system.

  • Occupancy Estimation

Occupancy estimates will assess on average how many employees are present, even at different times of the day. The data will help Event Planer maximize the use of space available, provide planning assistance, decide working hours and even change lighting and temperature conditions, regardless of whether it is a retail shop, concert location, office building or sport venue. Therefore, protection can use the data to connect with first responders when an incident happens and determine the best response.

  • Crime and Theft Detection

Most shops are open when it comes to public access and there are normally some stopping persons. Employees or others–entering or performing theft acts in protected areas. Smart video analysis solutions can handle and overcome this of risks.

Video analysis can identify individuals who walk or enter a safe area and inform safety promptly. The associated security warnings can also be recognized as soon as they enter the store. Alternatively, anyone else would dubiously claim to be and alert real-time warning to shop administrators.

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  • Motion Detection

The video analysis program can pick up even the slightest movement by analyzing every pixel in the frame. It enables safety staff to identify an area and to monitor whether people move or get too close to it. Security can construct an area of any type and size with this application. Any movement in the area selected will cause a warning and any movement outside the area will be ignored.

  • Pattern Recognition

This Ai enabled is capable of assisting in differentiating objects in a frame of a video. You can program specific patterns / objects that are recognized in the frame. If there is a transition, it is relocated, missing, or added new object; the program recognizes it instantly and sends an alert.

  • Facial Recognition

Facial recognition offers the unique ability, by cross-referencing different features against a range of private and public databases and/or watching lists of known individuals in real time.

A good example is the use of facial recognition to detect cheaters entering the casino buildings, in addition to its inherent ability to identify wanted criminals.

  • People Counting

Here with the help of AI the system automatically counts the number of people entering or leaving a given area. It is used in sports, gyms, entertainment venues and more to improve the management of personnel for concession activities, ticket areas and entertainment and exit points. Everything is based on real-time data, so if many people quickly gather at an entry, safety staff is alerted to make adjustments on-site.

  • AI Video Analytics in Retail

Retail is an enterprise sector that enables security to bring additional benefit to the profession through video surveillance. For example, smart video analysis can help manage non-security data, including:

Counting buyers at entries

  1. Video analytics based on AI Recognizing buyer comportment such as the duration of the shopping visit.
  2. Test and monitor the connection between shoppers and product displays and store signage.
  3. Any other information based on strategies
  • Customer Insights

The main benefits of video analytics are security and privacy. This smart software can also help stores by giving growing customer insights to expand their business.

For example, the time in the shop, the preferred areas and products like by customers. Through this, Store-managers can take steps to improve customer their experience and profitability.


There are many sectors that can benefit from this technology, particularly because of the increasing complexity of potential applications in recent years.

Video analysis makes processes, which are at the same time more effective, less repetitive for people, and less expensive for businesses from smart cities to security controls in hospitals and airports, to people monitoring for retail, logistics and shopping centers.

At Fusion Informatics, we have been providing AI based Video Analytics Solutions and machine-learning solutions to all verticals of industries securing there businesses and industries. Partnerships with businesses in different industries allow us to understand their challenges better and how data can be used to achieve business outcomes.