10 Marvelous Tech Innovations from UAE Government Departments

The UAE’s quest and constant drive for innovations in the technology space are unmatched. The world knows the country’s passion for effervescent AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology and the way it is driving businesses across major industries there. The  UAE government regularly comes out with varied digital initiatives that propel the overall growth in technology in the country. The latest report shared by the Mohammed Bin Rashid Centre for Government Innovation (MBRCGI)proves it. In this blog, we are going to find the top 10 technology innovations used across the UAE government ministries, departments in 2021.

1. Ajman Unified Digital Platform

Ajman is the UAE’s fifth-largest city and the Department of Digital Ajman has developed a unified, common communication platform, that connects varied local government authorities in Ajman, as well as federal agencies and private sectors. The entire digital platform helps in the smooth exchange of data between stakeholders. And it enables all customers to get services at a single platform (digital gate).

2. 3D Printing for Medical Surgeries

The application of the 3D (3-dimensional) printing techniques along with medical imaging technologies is a living example of how the UAE is redefining the medicine sector innovatively. The varied projects being undertaken therein in congenital heart anomalies boost the idea of applying the same in other clinical medicines and transform the way surgeries are done.

3. Full HD Screen Self-Service Kiosk

The PPD department in  Ras Al Khaimah, UAE, has invented a digital device that helps customers instantly access any services they want, from any location in the entire UAE. The digital solution is an advanced, full HD screen digital self-service kiosk. The very digital solution is composed of a camera,  printer, ID placeholder, scanner,  fingerprint reader, and a full HD screen. Access is done via personal UAE pass & credentials of the customers concerned.

 4. AD  Digital Wallet

The AD (Abu Dhabi) digital wallet or the digital locker, an ABU Dhabi government initiative, helps in providing a common platform that integrates information regarding payments, users’ documents, etc. across varied government entities.  Along with blockchain technology-powered digital documents, a digital locker/digital wallet is helping streamline operations smoothly and efficiently.

5. Dubai’s DED Blockchain Initiative

A compelling Blockchain-based digital solution developed by Dubai’s DED (Dubai’s Department of Economic Development), is a collaborative initiative rolled out by varied entities to promote digital exchanges of licenses in trading, business activities and streamlining them across Dubai’s business platforms. The Innovation Project, DDED Blockchain initiative, covers all the major stages of the customer journey to procure a  business license. There is a powerful integration and synchronization of the very project with the existing registration systems and connectivity to varied Blockchains. 11. Electronic family

 6. Digital Attestation

The very digital platform provides a complete digital solution for attestation in the judicial department in the UAE. It automates judicial department services using digitally powered templates that are filled by customers without manually submitting one. It also facilitates an automatic filling in the section in the forms requiring Emirates ID cards for authentication and identity.

7. AI Chatbots

AI-powered chatbots are greatly helping the government authorities in  AI AIN Municipality in the UAE. The very AI chatbots are helping to manage tenancy contract services thereby reducing costs, efforts, and time in the process.AI Chatbots contain all the relevant data of rental contracts, registration information, and so on. These chatbots, the virtual agents, can attend to multiple customer/user queries at a single point of time and that, too, without any time lag and inaccuracy.

8. Mobile App based Game

A marvelous innovative gaming app, mobile app, is becoming popular in the UAE. Known as My Rights mobile application game, it focuses on three things-

  • The Right to education
  • The Right to security
  • The Right to health

 9. Robotic Therapy Lab

The Robotic Rehabilitation Therapy or the Smart Rehab Lab is the first of its kind in the entire Middle East region. It is the first-ever integrated project that consists of eleven robotic devices that are dedicated to rehabilitation services helping people to recuperate. The lab involves high-tech AI-based Robotic services in intensive physiotherapy as well as occupational therapy services. Even VR games help in stimulating therapeutic programs helping patients immensely in the process.

10. Healthcare Mobile App

The healthcare sector in the UAE has come out with an exclusive mobile app that can be downloaded on Android as well as iOS platforms. A  mobile app called Hayat is a free application tool that can be downloaded anywhere in the UAE. It caters to a massive database containing information about organ donors, recipients and is linked with licensed public & private hospitals in the country.


The UAE is increasingly becoming a hotbed for innovative technologies to start, experiment, and thrive in the digital eco-space encompassing businesses across industries. The very MBRCGI report is a clear indication of how the country is enthusiastic about launching varied projects in all areas using digital tools and technologies from time to time. Indeed the country nurtures a long vision of business empowerment through innovative digital tools and technologies and they have successfully proved, too.

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