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Who We Are

FI has been established in 2000 as a digital IT partner and has hence been known to provide advanced solutions to up-and-coming start-ups, large and small enterprises and businesses. Our resolution since our institution has been to operate with the highest integrity while delivering reliable output of excellent quality and to also be available for any kind of assistance whenever needed.

The pleasure of having every single milestone achieved, every goal accomplished and every project delivered has been shared with both, clients and employees. Our goal is to see and help businesses grow, irrespective of whether they are new ventures or businesses trying to up their game or even large companies trying to maintain their position.

Being an IT digital partner, our management technologies know the importance and need off and hence give clients applications they require and which will enhance their work allowing them to focus on only the necessary.

Serving 360 degree solutions

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Fusion Informatics has played a pivotal role in serving 5000+ offerings across varied industry verticals.

Being ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company, we have noticeable industry presence spanning for 17 years.

who we are

Meet Our Team

Ashesh Shah

Mr. Ashesh Shah

Co-Founder, CEO
Dhaval Shah

Mr. Dhaval Shah

Co-Founder, CTO
Nabeel Ghaith

Nabeel Ghaith

Partner, UAE
Glen Johnson

Glen Johnson

Director - Marketing, USA
Toby Reeves

Toby Reeves

Partner, Eastern USA
Internet of Things
important milestones

Company Timeline

Today, social media networks have become a community of a whooping 400 million users with majority being young adults. This calls for vigilance and monitoring social media posts.

International achievements and accolades

This phase is still continuing and we are not complaining. Our hard work, sincerity and innovation was recognised and awarded making us proud winners of different international awards.

Spreading our wings further across the globe

This period remind us of the many challenges we faced and many opportunities we received. It is in these years that we made our entry into Europe, Asia, the Middle East and South Africa.

Broadening our Horizons

It was this time when we set up our CRM and ERP solutions across borders and also began export services to USA and UK.

Our naissance in the industry

Our first two years were the most memorable; with setting up and putting together the best team, we have been growing in skill and knowledge, and most definitely in experience.

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