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Artificial Intelligence Development Solutions

Leverage The Artificial Intelligence & Cognitive Technology to Harness Your Business Resilience to Analyze its Objective Outcomes.
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Internet of Things Development

Transforming Industrial Productivity & Eliminating Counterfeit with Industry 4.0 Revolution
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Enterprise Mobility

Build Next Generation Enterprise Mobility Solutions That Drive Business Innovation and Transformation
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Upgrade, Enable, Replace & Disrupt. Blockchain Reshaping The Business System At Excellent Transactions
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Fusion Informatics is one of the award-winning AI, Mobility, loT and Blockchain development Company in Dubai.

Fusion Informatics, a Software Development Company located in Dubai UAE, helps enterprise system and drive income through innovative digital transformation like Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain Development, IoT app Development, and Enterprise Mobility, We take a custom strategy for every and each customer the drive to secure that our approaches satisfy their unique industry goals and intentions.


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Recent Projects

Achieving Success Through Innovative

Travel Card
Currency Exchange

Travel the world with Al Ansari Exchange TravelCard.

The AAE Travel Card is published by Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank and is a part of VISA International. In which the Bank committed to helping customers to prevent theft while traveling on overseas with AAE Travel Card. here the Card is a reloadable prepaid Visa card that will operate various International money within the entire single card.
The card is used to withdrawing money from all ATMs globally to pay for products and services in a safe and secure mode of function the card and can be accessed on user own.
And the user can manage money by choosing different currencies before travel. The card was loaded with more than 12 various currencies within the single card.

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WorkerAPPz – Online Payment App

WorkerAPPz is a mobile wallet app company established by House of SMA carters in 2017.
The main aim of the organization is to create a platform that provides a one-stop solution for the diverse needs of users globally. The company planned to combine advanced technology and mission to locate the financial needs of users to help them by transferring money in the digital wallet.
The company came with unique creative solutions to provide for users to pay digital funds for recharge, withdraw money through ATM’s, spend bills, obtain a MasterCard/Visa prepaid card, global purchasing; all within a single tap on any iPhone or Android mobile devices.
Customers can use this payment app can receive and send the money to another user by adding account details within it.

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Supply Chain

Logistic Solution

Large companies and organizations have many elements in their supply chains and one of our customers wanted to adapt Blockchain technology to support the organization's strategic goals such as complicated record keeping and tracking of products.
We designed a recording system based on blockchain technology that is smart to maintain the security of their records and as a less corrupt and automated alternative for centralized databases.
With our blockchain-based supply chain management, record keeping and source tracking became easy for them because product information can be accessed through blockchain-based records that cannot be modified in any circumstances giving a tight security.

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Virtual Assistant

E-commerce Virtual Assistant

Many e-commerce companies are looking for Virtual Assistant (VA) that can help with the completion of certain business tasks.
A virtual assistant (VA) is someone who is an expert in providing administrative, technical and / or creative business support services.
They also work outside the office, so the term "virtual." Virtual assistants provide various types of services, depending on their respective expertise and on what the company needs and needs. We, at the Fusion Informatics have used the term virtual assistant and created a new term called "eCommerce virtual assistant"

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IoT Based Assets Tracking

Asset Tracking and Equipment Management remains an important way for most small and medium businesses to operate safely and maintain better margins.
It is very common for most companies to use an asset tracking system and see it only as a tool to track inventory, while tracking systems that used efficiently can drive holistic results.
Fusion Informatics provides IoT based asset-tracking services for businesses with distributed and high-value movable assets.
They also offer fleet management services for industries such as construction, manufacturing, waste management, and commercial vehicles.

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