Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies in Dubai, UAE

December 26, 2018


We are serving in a continually developing city, packed and charged with Endless opportunity and supply of new trends in developing the advanced technology and implementing the innovative techniques for trending with an endless quantity of new software development, and constant growing of business all it happens in one place is Dubai, In which Mobile app development companies are extending their services to reach and attract more customers in the highly demanding era of Dubai.

Dubai UAE is one of the fastest growing places for advanced technologies and Many Mobile app developer companies are growing in Dubai and expending their business towards serving in different places in Dubai. But hiring the right mobile app development company in Dubai is a very difficult task for peoples. To scale up your business growth at certain heights in means of Mobile app development for your marketing and reach more customers through your app is considered prominent nowadays.

This has generated an enhanced demand in Dubai for mobile apps development companies as a challenging task. On another hand, deciding the best mobile app development companies is a difficult challenge. So here are presented some fundamental things to consider before choosing.

  • Check their Profiles and portfolio
  • Check the case studies done before
  • Check the background and experience of the company

It is necessary to pick the best mobile app development companies in Dubai and helps truly in reaching your dream concept of idea in developing the business. The Rapid growth of mobile user made over most of the business turned from website to mobile app, nowadays to reach their business towards customer fingerprints .the transformation made many companies turned to web development to mobile apps development companies.

The right class of mobile app can increase your customers, therefore improving Business ROI. Here is list of Mobile apps development companies in Dubai.

Dow App –

Dow apps is a part of Dow group specialized in Mobile app development and It is one of the fast-growing company in Dubai and reaching more customers and the developers working in Dow apps are professional and completing the task in given time and extending their business towards to top grade and implementing a new level of innovation of techniques to satisfy customer intention and being the part of customer business growth. Due to best work and project delivery in a given time, the customer rated Dow App as top in the list of app development companies in Dubai.

Fusion Informatics – Dubai

Fusion Informatics is an award-winning top mobile app development company in Dubai founded in 2000 and developed 1500+apps for customers and serving globally and there are reaching their targets by fulfilling the needs of customer’s requirements. The company is ISO 9001:2008 Certified and has outstanding industry occupation traversing for 18 years. The companies have a good background in providing services in IT solutions and developing mobile apps for Android and iOS devices. And being the top in the list of mobile app development companies in Dubai, The Company always stays ahead among competitors and operating highest integrity at the time of delivering reliable apps for customers. Being an IT partner, Fusion Informatics has played a crucial position in helping 5000+ offerings over various industries all over World of technologies in Mobile app development companies and serving successfully towards 100% clients satisfaction.


The company realized that the transformation from Web to the mobile app so the company focused on app and they developed many mobile apps for customers and serving as one of the top Mobile app development company in Dubai and the company have fluid innovative ideas to turn your business in online mobile app and can target the specific audience to grow business with company. The Apptology is best iPhone app development company Dubai and Company has a background of developing the applications and provide the apps as per customer requirements and experienced designing team operates hard to present a close-up view of the complete applications development.


The Company believes in an effort to present in a smart way .as the business transformation happens the worlds change by developing the mobile apps reaching to all industries. The company has a solid development background in advanced technologies to implement in developing apps and there are being one of the best mobile app developers in Dubai. The company completes the project on given time of schedule that fits exactly in the business model and the company doing work through innovative ideas and concept of latest techniques that leading to grow client business with them.

Dev Technsys

It has received the reputation of an award-winning android apps development company. They provided digital needs for clients with different technology, the developers working here are professionally managed and introducing their brand presence towards the market and proved as one of the best company by operating with trouble-free functions included on developing new features in Mobile apps.

Ripen Apps-

The company Combined with a thought to transfer a compound of advanced technology and qualified in hand user activity, They are a success is a glass of excellence and achievement and addressed to clients and presenting through their perfection output result in delivering their projects, by developing Mobile App in iOS or Android or a Web Application. The company has been ready to meet the requirements of clients and has performed even fully.

Xicom Technologies-

The company established in the year of 2000 an ISO certified mobile apps developer in Dubai the company is having highly skilled experts and result oriented strategies applying to get quick results and offering the best services and place the best place in the view of top Android app Development Company in Dubai. They offer services for Startups, Medium size, and large business companies across the globe. They act as a technological center and get to know the business challenges to applying the latest techniques to deliver mobility solutions for clients.

Branex –

It is one of the inventive enterprise app development companies in Dubai, UAE that has differently operating developer team that is leading out of the space of mobile applications studies and growth strategies the team has Knowledge in developing approaches and having huge experience in designing website and development and providing services for mobile apps for business.

Sinergia Labs-

It is a top-notch solutions provider for developing mobile apps there are professional also specialized and rated as the best iOS app development companies in Dubai, UAE and developers in this company are experts in different technologies in Android and iOS platforms .they are developing the mobile application through using new concepts to increase the productivity of customers and providing innovation business apps for growth of business.

Thoughtbot –

It is has formed the top-notch among top iOS application development companies in Dubai and they have more than 12 years’ experience and dealing more than 100 companies as clients who are satisfied with their services and rated as best Mobile app developer in Dubai and In this company the developers are highly talented and dedicated to work for given projects and to complete the project and deliver in given time of schedule.

Conclusion Note –

As we can find many mobile app development companies in Dubai, UAE and but choosing a Right company for your ideas to make it practical work by developing mobile apps is a risky task. Here we updated the companies based on their profiles and reviews. We are the Fusion Informatics has developed many applications for our clients as above said we have more than 18+ years of experience and proved as best mobile app developed company in Dubai, UAE. If you are serious about business to grow with us. Hire our mobile app developer to make your Imagination into vision. Our developers are strong in their profile can develop customized mobile apps as per customer requirements.

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